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How To Become A Strip Brush Manufacturer With Standardized Management? ----AOQUN

How To Become A Strip Brush Manufacturer With Standardized Management? ----AOQUN

July 26,2021.

AOQUN is a strip brush manufacturer engaged in high-quality and mass-customized brushes. It has established a complete production system plan (human, machine, material, law, measurement, environment), and has obtained the certification of safety production standardization enterprise; it has obtained ATF16949, ISO13485, ISO90001 quality management system certification, has strict quality control processes, and perfect products Quality traceability system, mature internal production management system, operation guidelines, product inspection specifications. Each production process has clear and standardized rules and regulations to ensure safe production and quality production. Since the establishment of the company, there have been no major safety accidents, and customer satisfaction is ≥95%.

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AOQUN has been rooted in the brush industry for 20 years, has in-depth research on the application of strip brushes, and is proud to meet the application requirements of customers. In addition, Aoqun Brush Company has set strict tolerance standards to ensure that each brush is adapted to the unique application of the customer: when the width of the brush base is less than 6mm, the tolerance is required to reach ±0.2mm; if the base width is more than 6mm, the tolerance is up to ± 0.3mm. In addition, Aoqun Brush Company will update customized solutions with changes in the customer's application market, and improve the program at any time according to the customer's application requirements and the effect of use, so that customers can get always suitable strip brushes from Aoqun Brush Company.

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As a standardized management strip brush manufacturer, Aoqun Brush Company has always been adhering to the concept of safe production and putting safety in the first place. On the road of standardized production and management of AOQUN, we hope to have your participation!

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