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Giving The Earth Green, AOQUN Is Moving!

Giving The Earth Green, AOQUN Is Moving!


The spring flowers bloom and the grass grows and the warblers fly. On April 10th, a tree-planting activity with the theme of "Give the Earth a little bit of color, let us move!" sponsored by the Panyu District Young Entrepreneurs Association and other units was held in the southern suburbs park of Panyu District. This is the eighth "Love Forest" planted after Dishuiyan Forest Park in Shawan Town, Jiacheng School in Shiqi Town, Seagull Island in Shilou Town, and Dafu Mountain Forest Park.


Plant love and beautify your home. Many members of the association took their children to participate in the tree-planting activities. Everyone was careful and united. You helped the seedlings, I buried the soil, and he watered them, so that the southern suburbs park was suddenly full of vitality.

tree planting day


This year is also the eighth year of Aoqun’s participation in the Youth Association’s "Love Forest". AOQUN BRUSH Factory actively responds to the call of "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and uses practical actions to contribute to the construction of ecological civilization in Panyu District. Strength, together compose a gorgeous picture of the green mountains and green waters of the beautiful Guangzhou.

planting watering tree


"A tree of hugs is born in the end", AOQUN BRUSH Factory has also grown from a small sapling. In the days to come, it will be more professional, attentive, and dedicated to the brush industry, and do everything with your heart. The root brush brings a better brush experience for customers.

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