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Features Of The Door Seal Brush

Features Of The Door Seal Brush

March 8,2023.

Door sealing brushes strip have long been used by people to protect various doors. According to people's wisdom, many styles have been designed. Door sealing brushes are widely used on garage doors, domestic doors, revolving doors, traffic screen doors, and industrial doors. The door seal brush is versatile and can also be used flexibly. As a door seal brush manufacturer, we have summarized the following major uses, functions, and uses that customers will basically mention.

Door Seal Brush Strip

The door seal brush mainly has the following functions:

1. Dustproof

2. Block Water, Mosquitoes, And Wind

3. Anti-Static

4. Flame Retardant And Fireproof

5. Heat And Cold Insulation, Noise Insulation

6. Power Saving, Safety, Sealing, Energy Saving, Polishing, Cleaning, Filtering

The role of the door seal brush:

1. Prevent pests such as rodents from entering

2. Keeps out dirt, dust, and debris

3. Keep away from the wind, rain, snow, and other weather

4. Keep the indoor temperature under control

5. Provide privacy and security

6. Seal gaps between moving surfaces

7. Seal large gaps in commercial buildings

The installation positions of the door seal brush are generally: the top of the door, both sides of the door, and the bottom of the door.

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