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  • Compression Packaging for Filter Brush - AOQUN

    Compression Packaging for Filter Brush - AOQUN


    Jason, a customer from Ireland, said that he wanted to buy a batch of filter brushes, but the package was too much cost for transport because it has a big volume. Jason asked us if we could solve this problem.   We told Jason that we have known many customers who have such problems, and we have a way to solve this problem. We adopted a method of compressing the package for filter brush. We explained with Jason that we would put the filter brush into the plastic bag and then put the bags into the carton and pack it. If 70/box is installed normally, then 100/box can be installed after compression, so the available space is greatly increased. It is worth mentioning that many filter brushes use PP material and the recovery is not good. After transporting to the customer, the PP bristle will recover well. However, AOQUN filter brush is made of new PP material, which is resistant to corrosion, temperature and aging, it also has UV resistance. So AOQUN filter brush is with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and easy to recover. The stem of brush is made of 304 stainless-steel, not easy to rust, so the quality of the product is also unquestionable. Jason said that our compressed packaging solution is very interesting and looking forward to it. Two days later, we sent a sample of the filter brush package to Jason.   After 7 days, Jason said that the packaging is very good and the recovery of PP bristle is also good. It saves transportation space and costs. After 10 days we received Jason's order of 5000 pcs.

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  • Buy Filter Brushes, AOQUN is Too Professional

    Buy Filter Brushes, AOQUN is Too Professional


    Mr. Zhong, who is a seller of fish pond filtration equipment, recently contacted Mr. Jiang from Aoqun, and he has recently reported that some foreign customers need to find the filter brushes. Because Mr. Zhong didn't know much about the filter filter brusheses in the filter room, the filter brushes that were originally purchased were too smooth to be able to hang the film effectively; foreign customers had tight deadlines, so they had no choice but to find new manufacturers to buy them.   It is understood that the main function of the filter brushes is to filter the water environment of the breeding site, so the filter brushes must have a good biofilm-hanging effect. Aoqun is the first company in the industry to set the industry standard for twisted wire filter brushes. All filter brushes used in fish ponds are produced with various irregular curved wires and cross wires. The irregular angular contact surface can effectively filter the particulates in the water, reduce the anaerobic water conditions in the water, keep the breeding environment continuously suitable for the survival of the fish, effectively increase the activity of the koi, fish and shrimp, and can help the farmers reduce the cost investment by about 30%, which is loved by the majority of aquaculture farmers. After hearing the explanation, Mr. Zhong strongly requested Mr. Jiang to provide him with samples.   One week later, Mr. Zhong sent a formal purchase order for the filter brushes, and asked Aoqun to produce it as soon as possible. Because foreign customers passed the test after receiving samples, they really liked the filter brushes products produced by Aoqun, and said that after the first batch of orders was delivered, the quality was fine, and they would continue to chase orders.

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  • Suitable Brush Filter Packaging for You - AOQUN

    Suitable Brush Filter Packaging for You - AOQUN


    Tom from New Zealand needs to purchase a batch of brush filter for sale in the supermarket. Considering that the volume of the brush filter is relatively large and the transportation costs are not cheap, Tom asked whether compressed packaging can be used to save transportation costs.   Our sales customer service Mary learned that the size of the brush filter is 120 * 900 * 1000, the diameter of the filament is 0.50mm PP. Compressed packaging can save money to a certain extent. Although PP recovery performance is not as good as nylon, but acid and alkali resistance, so it is recommended that Tom use PP. Considering the need to sell in supermarkets, the appearance of brush filter must be good, and compression packaging is not recommended. Mary objectively analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of compressed packaging. Tom was very satisfied with our professional advice, and asked us to send them compressed and non-compressed packages, and we sent samples the same day.   After 2 days, the customer received a sample of the brush filter. After using the compressed package, the brush filter was drawn out. It was found that the brush filter without the compressed package had a better appearance, so they finally adopted their proposal and placed 10,000 orders at the same time. Tom said that although the shipping cost did not save him this time, but thank us for suggesting that the follow-up order volume will increase by 30%.

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  • The Great Effect Of Protective Caps On Filter Brushes Koi - AOQUN

    The Great Effect Of Protective Caps On Filter Brushes Koi - AOQUN


    AOQUN received a feedback from John of the United Kingdom, “The filter brushes koi I ordered from other places were cut off at both ends. The installer easily scratched them during the installation process, which resulted in slower production efficiency. At the same time, I received customer complaints and orders keep decreasing, ask me if I can avoid this situation.” AOQUN sales customer service Mary learned that the size of the filter brushes koi needs to be ordered, and found that no measures were taken at both ends. AOQUN recommend that John use a protective cap that matches the size of the stainless-steel wire to fix it in two sections. Because the protective cap is smooth, it can avoid scratches. To give John a more intuitive understanding, Mary also installed a protective cap compared with the effect without the protective cap. John was very satisfied when he saw the effect of the comparison, and asked us to provide two samples to him, and AOQUN sent the samples that day. Three days later, John received a sample of the filter brushes koi. After testing the day, he was very satisfied and ordered 10,000 filter brushes koi with AOQUN.

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  • The Importance Of Eia To The Aquarium Filter Brush Delivery Period - AOQUN

    The Importance Of Eia To The Aquarium Filter Brush Delivery Period - AOQUN


    Received an email from Japanese customer Yuki in March. The aquarium filter brushes they ordered in another house were overdue for one month and still could not be delivered. Later, they could not directly contact the manufacturer. After multiple inquiries, it was found that the manufacturer was affected by the environmental impact assessment. The company was closed directly and no longer produced. Yuji asked us if there was a problem that the EIA did not pass, and at the same time asked about 10,000 aquarium filter brush delivery periods.   Our gold customer service Mary received a timely: Aoqun Brush Industry obtained the environmental impact assessment qualification certificate for construction projects, and the annual output of aquarium filter brush was 13.104 million / year; at the same time, we issued our certificate and some production pictures to Yuki. Yuki was very satisfied with this and confirmed the required specifications, and asked us to provide 2 samples first. After 3 days we send the samples.   After 5 days, Yuki received the sample of the aquarium filter brush, and was very satisfied with the quality of the sample. He placed an order for 10,000 and paid the full amount, requiring us to deliver within 20 working days. After 15 working days, Mary told Yuki that the goods had been produced.

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  • Filter Brush For Ponds, Tested Manufacturers AOQUN

    Filter Brush For Ponds, Tested Manufacturers AOQUN


    Tom from Japan needs to order a batch of filter brush for ponds. At the same time, not only the quality must meet the requirements, but also the scale of the factory must reach a certain level. They needed to find a powerful filter brush manufacturer and ask if Aoqun can do it.   Our sales engineer Mary responded within 1 minute, told Tom that he is welcome to visit the factory at any time. Aoqun focused on filter brush for ponds for 11 years, with a production capacity of 13.104 million pieces / year, so it is not a problem whether it is production capacity or customer inspection. Mary sent a video of Aoqun factory to Tom. After seeing the video, Tom finally breathed a sigh of relief and asked Aoqun to provide 2 samples for testing. We sent the filter brush samples the same day.     After receiving the sample of the filter brush for ponds, Tom was very satisfied and placed 20,000 orders. We delivered in accordance with the agreed date and successfully passed the audit. Tom is very happy to say that he is very relieved to cooperate with such a strong manufacturer. 

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