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All Solar Panel Factories Need To Know About Cleaning Solar Panels

All Solar Panel Factories Need To Know About Cleaning Solar Panels

May 12,2022.

Solar panels are installed to generate power for buildings and homes. They work by absorbing the sunlight into photovoltaic cells and then transforming the energy into electricity.  Solar panels can convert around 20% of the energy and are a great way to reduce energy consumption as well as help to save electricity.

They offer a range of other benefits as follows:-

•Reducing/eliminating energy cost

•Improving the resale value of your building or home

•Helps the environment by combating greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.

In order for solar panels to provide consistent power output and improved efficiency, they have to be cleaned regularly. These self-generating power devices work by allowing sunlight to enter the solar cells.  After some time, the solar panels may accumulate dust, grime, bird droppings, tree saps, and leaves that can prevent the light to reach the cells.  This will significantly reduction in energy production.

Yes, rainwater can clean the solar panels that are usually angled to a certain degree that allows the rainwater to flow down and wash away the dirt.  However, for stubborn grimes, a more proper tool like panel cleaning brushes is recommended for a faster, more efficient, and effective way.

Solar Photovoltaic Panel cleaning

For Large-scale Solar Systems requirements, a good solar PV panel cleaning brush matched various PV clean robots and should be one that is soft and yet can get the work well done. A hard abrasive brush may scratch the surface of the panel and damage it. The reusable solar panel cleaning brush from AOQUN is made of soft nylon filament with stainless steel base and stainless steel fastening wire. It has a wider cleaning area and higher cleaning motion that offers a more efficient cleaning effect through its wider sweeping area. Besides having soft bristles, this cleaning brush is also designed in such a way that allows water to flow through the brush head for easy spraying and rinsing.

solar PV panel cleaning brushes

Solar PV Panel Cleaning Brushes

We are a wholesale solar panel cleaning brushes factory that offers a wide range of high-quality customized brushes made using the latest advanced manufacturing technologies. Our professional and experienced R&D team combines up-to-date technology in designing every product and offers strong technical support for clients' customized needs.

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