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  • AOQUN Pre-formed Wheel Arch Spray Suppressant - Customize For Your Requirement

    AOQUN Pre-formed Wheel Arch Spray Suppressant - Customize For Your Requirement


    Technical engineer Marc from heavy truck companies in the United States found us through the Google search, "I want AOQUN help me to customize a type pre-formed wheel arch spray suppressant, at the same time, I also worry Chinese manufacturers developing and manufacturing capability, because I found several other Chinese brush factory and spent six months to develop and make sample, but the final sample still not meet our requirements, I hope AOQUN can help me to develop the this product". Ferad, a senior sale from AOQUN, told Marc directly after receiving the information from Marc, based on his previous experience in heavy truck industry:” I can understand your concerns very well, so please rest assured that our AOQUN brush industry focuses on the R&D and production of brush. Although it has only been 17 years, the company attaches great importance to the cultivation of R&D team and the improvement of production capacity. AOQUN company is the first company to develop brush product quality standards. The standards are not only used for reference by competitors, but also widely praised by customers. AOQUN develops new products together with customers from many industries to meet their new needs. For this style, you only need to provide samples or drawings of pre-formed wheel arch spray suppressant, and we can quickly complete the sample production”. Marc was very happy and sent the drawings immediately. AOQUN R&D team checked drawing and started to complete the samples according to Marc's drawings in just three days, then handed over to quality assurance department for inspection and then sent out. Ten days later, Marc called and praised our AOQUN R&D and manufacturing capabilities and our services, and marveled at the precision of China's brush manufacturing capabilities. Marc said that the small trial order has been passed, and the subsequent bulk order of pre-formed wheel arch spray suppressant will be delivered to AOQUN for completion.

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  • AOQUN Wear-Resistant Rigid Straight And Arched Systems Brush Is Really With Good Durability

    AOQUN Wear-Resistant Rigid Straight And Arched Systems Brush Is Really With Good Durability


    Jacky from Brazil sent us an email asking if we have a rigid straight and arched systems brush. In the email, Jacky mentioned that he has a batch of fender brushes in use now, which have the phenomenon of shrinkage and deformation, the performance is very ugly, so Jacky wants to find a batch of fender brushes that are very wear-resistant.   Jacky sourced the supplier through google and Alibaba, Jacky read AOQUN brush is very good in the brush industry, then called AOQUN to help solve the problem for him. After understanding Jacky's focus, our senior sales Stacy, who is expert in the fender industry, solved Jacky's big concern: is AOQUN rigid straight and arched systems brush really wear-resistant? Stacy showed Jacky our outstanding qualifications firstly, and also gave Jacky and some application cases of our wear-resistant brush. Our brush can be back and forth friction at 120KM/h for 1 million times without any deformation, and its structure and function is complete in 15 years' service life. After listening to the introduction, Jacky decided to place a sample order first. After the sample was confirmed, the formal order would be sent to AOQUN. Stacy confirmed the specification and material information for the sample with Jacky on the same day.   Two months later, Jacky called to tell Stacy that the sample had passed the test and been approved. Meanwhile, he placed an order for two specifications of rigid straight and arched systems brush. Jacky said: "we cooperate with AOQUN without any worries ".

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  • So Nice! AOQUN Heavy Vehicle Spray Suppressant Brush

    So Nice! AOQUN Heavy Vehicle Spray Suppressant Brush


    On May 2018, Fernando, from Brazil, wrote to ask if we can supply heavy vehicle spray suppressant brush. From the email, we knew that the brushes he currently uses had a shrinkage problem due to the hot weather, so he wanted to find a batch of heavy vehicle spray suppressant brushes. Introduced by his friends, Fernando knew that AOQUN brush is quite reputable inside the industry, so he contacted us to solve his problems. Knowing his doubts, we set about handling his concern: is our heavy vehicle spray suppressant brush veritable? At first, we showed him the certificate of the brush material, and gave him some application cases of our high temperature-resistant brushes. After listening to the introduction, Fernando decided to place a sample order first. Until the sample is confirmed, then the formal order will be placed. The next day we confirmed the samples specifications, materials and other information. Four months later, Fernando gave us the feedback that our product passed the sample test and was approved. And he placed an order for two types of heavy vehicle spray suppressant brushes. "It's really reassuring to buy brushes from you." he said.

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  • Wheel Arch Brush - Customize Made for You

    Wheel Arch Brush - Customize Made for You


    "I am an auto parts buyer who wants to buy a batch of wheel arch brush. I knew about your AOQUN is an expert in this field, so please provide us with detailed information," JUN from India send an email to us. Our salesman Roger showed the customer the wheel arch brush we had made previous when receiving it,and provided some conventional sizes for JUN's reference, and told him that we could customize if JUN wanted to customize the parameter data. After JUN saw our specification drawing, it was clear at a glance, and he gave the relevant data soon. ROGER asked JUN whether to provide samples first to ensure that JUN's requirements are met. However, due to JUN's limited time and high cost, 100 sets of semi-arc fender brushes were directly produced. One month later, JUN sent an email saying that the products are very matching. Currently, the customer is talking about several projects of wheel arch brush, and there will be an order soon. Please help him prepare some raw materials first.

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  • Choosing The Right Spray Suppressant Brush System--The Wise Choice: AOQUN

    Choosing The Right Spray Suppressant Brush System--The Wise Choice: AOQUN


    Last October, Kelvin of England, the purchasing manager for a wholesaler of truck spare parts, wrote to us that he had imported a batch of spray suppressant brush system with quality problems. When inspecting the goods, he found that the tensile effect of the brushes was very bad. The test result showed that the tension of the brush did not meet their requirements. He was worried that selling this product to his customers would certainly bring him lots of troubles. As the professional brush manufacturers, AOQUN has more than 11 years of brush manufacturing experience. Truck Splash Suppressant brush is also one of our hot-sale products. After knowing Kelvin's problems, our business staff Anna collected specific product parameters from Kelvin, so we can make the samples based on his current product specifications and materials. The main purpose of providing samples is to let Kelvin see the tensile effect of our spray suppressant brush system. After confirming, we spent 2 days on proofing. About one week, he received our samples, and conducted the test. It turned out that our brush is fully in line with Kelvin Company's tensile requirements. In addition to the satisfactory tensile effect, AOQUN brushes are found to be more superior than others on other aspects like material, performance and so on. After all the tests, he ordered the first 1200-metres spray suppressant brush system, and said with satisfaction: "If we have any repeat order, we surely come back to AOQUN."

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  • Spray Suppressant Brush -AOQUN Customize For You

    Spray Suppressant Brush -AOQUN Customize For You


    Mr. Wang from Jiangsu called. “I am a wholesale supplier of auto car parts. At present, my customers want a spray suppressant brush. I found out that your company is a professional manufacturer of brushes by online search. Can your produce this type of brush?”   Our resource manager ROGER explained to Mr. Wang, "At present, the government has begun to pay attention to the Spray Suppressant brush, not only for the safety of heavy trucks, but also for its durability. Our company is the first one to research and development and produce this product in the industry. The research and development of such products has been perfected.” ROGER also provides specifications and application drawings for such products to customers. Soon, Mr. Wang provided the required sample size. ROGER also arranged the sample at once.   At present, Mr. Wang feedback, “the installation effect of the Spray Suppressant brush  is very good, I hope to add another 100 heavy-duty fender brush orders”. ROGER is in close talk with Mr. Wang.

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