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  • Your Trumpet Mouthpiece Brush Is Not Right Because You Don’T Know This! AOQUN

    Your Trumpet Mouthpiece Brush Is Not Right Because You Don’T Know This! AOQUN


    I will continue to discuss with you the difference between the following different materials of trumpet mouthpiece brush, please see 1. Trumpet mouthpiece brush made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is soft, so its resilience is relatively better than ordinary nylon brush, but its wear resistance is not as good as PA610, So it is more suitable for the cleaning of objects with high protection requirements 2. Trumpet mouthpiece brush made of polyethylene (PE), because its filament is relatively soft among several types of brushes, it is often used in cleaning brushes; 3. Trumpet mouthpiece brush made of metal wire, the wire usually has copper wire, because it is a metal characteristic, so it has extremely high wear resistance, usually used for grinding and deburring treatment of metal surfaces or pipes and many more Aoqun Brush, as a company specializing in the production of customized high-quality trumpet mouthpiece brushes, can customize trumpet mouthpiece brushes of various specifications for length, filament material, personalized color and function.

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  • AOQUN ’s Mouthpiece Brush Trumpet Has The Innovation That Apple ’S Iphone11 Lacks

    AOQUN ’s Mouthpiece Brush Trumpet Has The Innovation That Apple ’S Iphone11 Lacks


    Netizens said that without the Jobs Iphone, there is nothing new and no soul. Yes, in today's society, it is really difficult to gain a foothold without innovation. Therefore, Aoqun is constantly innovating on the way of producing mouthpiece brush trumpet.   In the industry, Aoqun's senior team with 20 years of industry experience has designed a mouthpiece brush trumpet that meets the requirements of the instrument. In terms of function, Aoqun customizes multi-functional mouthpiece brush trumpet, cleaning and maintenance for customers according to the use requirements of musical instruments.   Aoqun Brush is an innovative company with operations in more than 50 countries and regions. Aoqun's mouthpiece brush trumpet is widely trusted by customers for its quality.

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  • Trumpet Brush Keeps Your Instrument In Perfect Condition! AOQUN

    Trumpet Brush Keeps Your Instrument In Perfect Condition! AOQUN


    As a wind instrument, there will always be some water left in the tube after each blow. It is well known that water erodes metal very seriously, and bacteria accumulate in clarinet, oboe, trumpet, and trombone very much. The paradise of microorganisms not only reduces the service life of musical instruments, but also harms human health. At this time, you need a trumpet brush.   Aoqun trumpet brush consists of mouthpiece brush and snake brush. The soft nylon trumpet brush does not scratch the inner wall of the instrument; it is made of stainless steel spring and snake brush made with 2 brush heads, which is very flexible, can keep all the corners and gaps of the instrument clean, and can effectively clear the dirt, very Suitable for cleaning the inside of trombone. Clean the instrument with warm soapy water, and use the instrument cleaning kit to remove all dust from the instrument tubing. This will maintain instrument hygiene and help prevent infection.   Aoqun trumpet brush has been sold in Europe, America and other places for more than 10 years, and it has been loved by customers, while keeping your musical instruments in perfect condition!

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  • AOQUN Is A Professional Manufacturer Of Italian Express Coffee Brush With Its Strength

    AOQUN Is A Professional Manufacturer Of Italian Express Coffee Brush With Its Strength


    As a professional manufacturer of brush bars, why Aoqun Brush Industry is trusted by many customers.   Aoqun has specialized in producing italian express coffee brush for more than 10 years, and has a professional technical team that can provide one-to-one technical support. The products are all produced with brand-new nylon, and the italian express coffee brush are strictly inspected according to quality standards to prevent outflow of defective products. The brush obtained 15 patents and more than 30 third-party product certifications.   There are thousands of manufacturers producing italian express coffee brush, which can help you solve your problems, and there are not many manufacturers that provide high-quality products and services. Aoqun Brush Industry has always insisted on "conscientiously doing every 1 brush" to provide customers with practical, high-quality italian express coffee brush. We have been moving forward and never stopped. We will provide more products to our customers in the future.

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  • Trumpet Brush Helps You to Play Melodious Music

    Trumpet Brush Helps You to Play Melodious Music

    September 21,2018.

    We can see an expensive musical instrument composes of many small parts, which will play a great role in the sound production (See from below picture). So every part must be protected. The three valve ports is usually cleaned with a custom trumpet cleaning brush, and the part of the tuning slide needs to be cleaned with a flexible musical instrument brush. AOQUN can provide you with a set of trumpet cleaning brush set. AOQUN matching trumpet cleaning brush can ensure the cleanliness of the brass instrument mouth. It uses a 304 stainless steel as wand, with the soft and hard moderate pure nylon filaments, which are neat cut, will not loose or hurt the hand. Use nylon brush material to replace the cotton thread, to avoid the cotton thread leaving in the brass instrument mouth ultimately. The player can choose a flexible trumpet cleaning brush to clean the slides, for it is bendable enough to avoid scratching the musical instrument. AOQUN can match a suitable musical instrument brush for you for free! Remember to coat the brass instrument with lubricant in for maintenance after cleaning, so as to keep the musical instrument in a clean and ideal state. Buy the reliable musical instrument brush, AOQUN is your first choice!

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  • Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush

    Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush

    September 21,2018.

    Having a saxophone is a glorious thing for music lovers. To make the beloved saxophone to maintain a good sound effect for long term, some may neglect the daily care of the saxophone. I will advise you how to maintain the saxophone in the following: First of all, you cannot be without the mouthpiece cleaning brush, it is an important cleaning tool for the saxophone tube cleaning. The brush filament, which is moderate hardness, can increase the cleaning effect without scratching the instrument's inner tube or affecting sound quality. You also need to use the cleaning tools as shown below: Let me simply talk about the cleaning steps: 1, firstly, take the reed to wash with the absorbent paper to dry the water, and then put it into the reed card. Clean the mouthpiece with a mouthpiece cleaning brush, wipe dry and install the whistle clip, cover the flap head and put it back in the box. 2, Release the screws of the neck tube, remove the neck tube with a mouthpiece cleaning brush to clean the tube for water inside and dirts (not water rinse); then use absorbent paper to absorb the moisture on the cork and coat it with a layer of wax. 3, Use the outer tube cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt and debris of tube and the tube connecting parts, do not put the used cleaning cloth or mouthpiece cleaning brush together with the instrument to prevent the moisture retention in case the leather pad becomes molding or swelling. 4, Put the absorbent paper between the leather pad and the sound hole, gently press to stay for two to three seconds to dry the water, and then gently press the lid to pull out the absorbent paper cleaning the mouth stains (each key should be cleaned). Do not let the scraps of paper stay in the sound mouth to avoid leakage. 5, Every two months, please fill in the button joints of a little oil, do not miss any joints as the saxophone has many joints. But do not fill it with too much oil to prevent the key oil flow on the saxophone tube, leading to early oxidation of paint, and then make vibration cork peel off. It will affect the playing effect. 6, Finally, wipe the surface with a cleaning cloth to get rid off the dirty oil, please pay attention to needle spring, do not prick you hand. For more musical instruments cleaning brush, you are welcome to consult AOQUN at any time!

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