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  • Do You Know How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner? AOQUN

    Do You Know How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner? AOQUN

    September 15,2021.

    In recent years, in terms of home cleaning, many families have purchased cordless vacuum cleaners for cleaning. However, there are many types of vacuum cleaners, and there are certain skills in purchasing. For example, the following points must be taken into consideration. 1. Volume selection: Different brands of wireless vacuum cleaners have different volume designs. As far as daily cleaning is concerned, the size is small and light, and the model that is easy to lift will save effort to use, and girls with low power can also operate freely. 2. Core performance: The core performance here mainly refers to the vacuum degree. The model with high vacuum degree and high power will naturally have a stronger suction capacity, which can absorb fine dust and large particles, and even more garbage can be cleaned. 3. One machine with multiple functions: Most of the wireless vacuum cleaners on the market today support one machine with multiple functions. It can be connected to different vacuum cleaner brush heads to achieve different functions. When purchasing, you can make personalized choices according to the cleaning needs of the home scene. 4.Battery life: battery life is of course self-evident, it is best to choose a model with a long battery life based on the excellent performance of the above points. After comprehensively evaluating various parameters, you can buy a vacuum cleaner according to your own ideas. In fact, in addition to the diversified choice of vacuum cleaners, there are also many choices of vacuum strip brushes. If you don't know how to choose a vacuum strip brush, you can directly call Aoqun customer service for more details. Aoqun is a professional manufacturer of high-quality, high-volume vacuum cleaner strips. The manufacturer of the brush.

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  • What Are The Characteristics Of Aoqun Floor Strip Brush Roll? -AOQUN

    What Are The Characteristics Of Aoqun Floor Strip Brush Roll? -AOQUN

    September 14,2021.

    More and more furniture decoration will use softer wood floors in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and other rooms, and tile floors in kitchens, balconies and other rooms that are easy to get dirty. In order to meet the cleaning needs of vacuum cleaners, Aoqun brush manufacturers design Produced floor strip brush roll. The floor strip brush roll of Aoqun Brush Factory is very popular in the market. It is suitable for most domestic wooden floors and tiles in our country and can absorb more dust. The soft floor brush roll covering the vacuum brush head can reduce the drag and wear of the hardwood floor. The dust, dander, and allergens in the blanket were all sucked away by the powerful vacuum cleaner, and there was nowhere to hide. The soft floor strip brush roll can effectively clean the hard floor, and it will be cleaner while wiping while sucking. It also has a certain polishing effect on the wooden floor. It can care for the wooden floor while cleaning daily. Floor Strip Brush Roll The floor strip brush customized and supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory is produced by the brand-new 3.0 flocking process. The bristles are evenly distributed, the bristles are fastened and wear-resistant, and the super soft fluff has good elasticity and strong adaptability, which can basically meet the requirements. The cleaning needs of many families. For more product information of vacuum cleaner brush heads, please consult Aoqun Brush Factory. Aoqun can customize floor brush rolls of various materials and specifications according to your vacuum cleaner style.

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  • What Is The Important Role Of Aoqun Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brush Roller?

    What Is The Important Role Of Aoqun Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brush Roller?

    September 13,2021.

    Many friends are curious, is the brush of the vacuum cleaner used to remove dust? Since the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is so large, it shouldn't matter if you don't use the strip brush, right? Aoqun Brush Factory, which has been producing vacuum cleaner strip brush rollers for nearly 20 years, tells you that the gap can be huge.   The floor in the furniture life is full of static electricity, and static electricity has the effect of adsorbing small particles of relatively small mass. When these adsorbed particles accumulate to a certain amount, dust is formed. Therefore, in addition to visible dust, there are many invisible particles on the floor, which can harm the human respiratory tract invisibly. Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brush   The vacuum cleaner strip brush roller produced by Aoqun plays the role of adsorbing dust and particles. When the vacuum cleaner is working, it will sweep the dust on the floor into the suction port, and the high-density brush head forms a relatively closed space. It forms a pressure difference with the airflow of the suction port, making it easier for dust on the floor to be sucked in.   Aoqun can customize vacuum cleaner strip brush rollers of various styles, specifications and shapes according to customer requirements. Customers and friends are welcome to customize the brush products with drawings and samples. If you need more information, you can directly consult Aoqun customer service.

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  • The Vacuum Duster Brush Strip Can Improve The Sealing Degree

    The Vacuum Duster Brush Strip Can Improve The Sealing Degree

    September 10,2021.

    The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is to use the motor to rotate the blades to generate negative pressure in the sealed box to suck dust. The particles, dust, impurities, etc. on the cleaning surface are brought into the vacuum duster brush strip and swept into the dust suction port, and finally sucked into the dust collection device of the vacuum cleaner through the dust suction pipe to realize the dust removal effect of the clean surface. Vacuum Cleaning Brush Strip However, when the existing vacuum duster brush strip works on uneven floors, the brush filaments cannot be closely attached to the ground, which affects the effectiveness of vacuum dusting. In addition, it is easy to generate loud noises, which affects the user experience. After in-depth market research, Aoqun Processing Brush Factory has made several improvements and adjustments to the vacuum duster brush strip. On the basis of keeping the brush filaments wear-resistant and not easy to fall off, the seal between the brush head and the ground has been further improved. In addition to the production of vacuum cleaner brush strips, Aoqun brush factory also mass-produces floor brush rolls for vacuum cleaners and side brushes for sweeping robots. AOQUN has focused on customizing various brushes for nearly 20 years to meet your brush customization needs, if you need to customize For vacuum cleaner brushes, please contact Aoqun customer service with drawings and samples.

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  • Why Do Some Vacuum Cleaners Use Soft Fluff Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip?

    Why Do Some Vacuum Cleaners Use Soft Fluff Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip?

    September 9,2021.

    Nowadays, the simple, stylish, beautiful wood flooring in home decoration is more popular among consumers. However, the cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors is indeed not a small problem. Today, Aoqun roller brush manufacturer introduces a good thing-Soft Fluff Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip. The abrasion resistance of wooden floor is really not comparable to that of ceramic tiles, and its hardness and density are not as good as tile floors. When using a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor, it is easy to leave scratches. Therefore, Aoqun roller brush manufacturer has developed a vacuum cleaner brush strip. This vacuum cleaner brush strip is suitable for floors, floors and short-haired carpets. On the basis of cleaning and dust removal, it can also protect the floor to a certain extent. Soft Fluff Vacuum Cleaner Brush Strip In addition to the commonly used flannel fabrics, Aoqun Brush Factory also provides animal hair, conductive fiber, nylon yarn and other custom wool materials. For example, the vacuum cleaner brush strip made of nylon yarn and conductive fiber is especially suitable for use in large computer rooms. While cleaning and dust removal, it can effectively reduce the electric charge generated when the fluff rubs against the ground and avoid electrostatic hazards. If you need to customize the strip brush of the vacuum cleaner, please consult the manufacturer of the Aoqun roller brush with drawings and samples. We can provide sample customization service for free. You can customize the strip brush after the trial is satisfied.

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  • The Difference Between Various Vacuum Cleaners

    The Difference Between Various Vacuum Cleaners

    September 6,2021.

    In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and technology, people's living standards have been continuously improved, and the requirements for the quality of family life have become higher and higher. Especially in terms of indoor cleaning, many families have purchased wireless vacuum cleaners for cleaning. However, there are many types of vacuum cleaners, and the differences between different vacuum cleaners are also relatively large. 1. Bedroom vacuum cleaner: As the name suggests, it is a vacuum cleaner that works on the ground in the bedroom. It is divided into a dust box type vacuum cleaner and a bag type vacuum cleaner, which are more common in the Asian and European markets. Its main characteristics are that although it is small in size, it has a large dust holding capacity, is convenient to store, and has relatively large suction power, but it is slightly bulky and difficult to move. 2. Bucket vacuum cleaners: Most of them are commercial vacuum cleaners with the largest capacity of all types. In addition to absorbing various liquids, it can also absorb solids such as small particles. The suction power is generally strong, but because of its large size, poor storage and high power consumption, it is generally suitable for large areas. 3. Vertical vacuum cleaner: refers to a vacuum cleaner that can be used standing up. It is more common in the European and American markets. It occupies a small space and is convenient to store and move. It is often used to clean large-area carpets. 4. Handheld vacuum cleaner: small in size, easy to carry and use, effective for some household items, keyboards, and cars, but the power is relatively small and the suction power is not strong enough. 5. Robot vacuum cleaner: It is the current cleaning robot, because it can complete automatic cleaning, automatic charging, intelligent planning of cleaning paths, etc. So the price is relatively high, but it is a lazy artifact to free your hands. Vacuum cleaner strip brushes With the help of a variety of vacuum cleaner brush heads, the application field of vacuum cleaners has also been greatly expanded. It will no longer be limited to cleaning the floor, and the chance of being idle will also be greatly reduced. For more general types of vacuum cleaner strip brushes, please consult Aoqun customer service for detailed consultation.

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