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  • Why Should The Scrubber Brush Be Chosen Carefully? AOQUN

    Why Should The Scrubber Brush Be Chosen Carefully? AOQUN

    August 30,2021.

    All kinds of terrazzo floors, cement floors, tile floors, and marble floors can use scrubbers. How to prevent the floor scrubber from scratching the floor during work? Choosing the right scrubber brush is the key. We have to choose the matching strip brush according to different floor materials to achieve the best cleaning effect and maximize the product life. Floor Scrubber Strip Brush With the development of technology, many industrial scrubbers can be used for multiple purposes as long as they are matched with scrubber strip brushes. For example, PA strip brushes and wool strip brushes are mostly used to clean epoxy floors. The soft brush filaments are not easy to scratch. The lacquered surface can also play a role as a polished mirror surface. For floors such as marble and terrazzo, wear-resistant PBT filaments are often used. The last is the roughest concrete floor, and you can choose a strip brush with a certain hardness. The price of the scrubber is not cheap. If you choose inferior scrubber brushes and damage the scrubber, it will not be worth the loss. In order to extend the service life of the machine, please use it with a standardized strip brush. Industrial Floor Scrubber Strip Brushes Aoqun Brush Industry serves more than 30 industries and has its own unique insights in the manufacture of industrial strip brushes. It can customize high-quality industrial strip brushes according to customers' needs and results. We can provide you with customized solutions to eliminate the troubles of the last level of scrubber products.

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  • Why Are Copper Wire Stem Mounted End Brushes Used For Watch Polishing?

    Why Are Copper Wire Stem Mounted End Brushes Used For Watch Polishing?

    August 24,2021.

    There are no less than 4 processes in the manufacturing process of the back cover of the precious smart watch that require the use of copper wire Stem Mounted End Brushes. Stem Mounted End Brushes and polishing powder carry out fine polishing on the surface to make the surface smooth, clean and bright.   Aoqun Brush Factory independently developed and customized solid copper wire Stem Mounted End Brushes, using a flexible, abrasion-resistant copper wire as the main body of the brush wire, and the rod part is solid solid aluminum. Tight copper wire, no hollow in the middle, so the consistency of polishing is better, and the overall wear resistance is very good. According to customer feedback from the cooperation, “One Stem Mounted End Brushes is enough to solve the 3 cumbersome procedures in the past”. Crimped Brass Wire Mounted Stem End Brushes   The solid copper wire Stem Mounted End Brushes supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory not only saves customers labor costs, replacement costs and time costs, but also improves production efficiency and work efficiency. Stem Mounted End Brushes can be customized in a variety of styles according to customer needs, such as flat, bowl, Y, hollow, etc. For more product information, please call Aoqun customer service.

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  • Aoqun UL94 Flame Retardant Strip Brush Effectively Blocks Fire Sources

    Aoqun UL94 Flame Retardant Strip Brush Effectively Blocks Fire Sources

    August 11,2021.

    What kind of stripe brush can block the fire source and protect our personal and property safety in the event of a fire? 1. Choose a strip brush with flame retardant function. Aoqun can provide different flame retardant grades of strip brushes, including the flame retardant strip brush that has passed the highest flame retardant grade UL94-V0: it burns and emits white smoke and is non-toxic. After two 10-second burning tests, the flame is within 30 seconds. The inside is extinguished, and no burning material falls. 2. Choose the strip brush that has passed the NFPA130 Bombardier fire smoke detection. This flame-retardant strip brush of Aoqun is effective in flame-retardant and fire-retardant, delays the spread of fire, and reduces the smoke and poisonous mist emitted by combustion. 3. Select the strip brush that has passed the halogen-free test. Aoqun can provide flame-retardant strip brushes that have passed the halogen-free test. Its halogen content is extremely low, it is not easy to burn, and will not produce harmful gases due to burning a large amount of halogen, which will cause people to inhale excessively in a fire, harm the body, or even suffocate. UL94 flame-retardant Strip Brushes Aoqun’s UL94 flame-retardant strip brushes have been recognized by leading companies in more than 20 industries, with business in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and have helped one after another familiar classic projects, such as Beijing subway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail, and Guangzhou Zhuhai Light Rail, Hong Kong Subway, etc.

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  • Why Choose The Electrostatic Brush Strip From Aoqun Brush, A Chinese Manufacturer Of Brush Strips?

    Why Choose The Electrostatic Brush Strip From Aoqun Brush, A Chinese Manufacturer Of Brush Strips?

    August 6,2021.

    Static electricity is a kind of static charge. The generation of static electricity is inevitable in industrial production. The electrostatic brush strips produced by Aoqun can easily remove static electricity. The electrostatic brush strips are divided into static electricity and anti-static, according to the needs of use Choose by yourself. Anti-Static Brass Wire Brushes The harm caused by it can be attributed to the following two mechanisms: 1. Electrostatic discharge (ESD), hazards such as: causing electronic equipment to malfunction or malfunction, causing electromagnetic interference. 2.Electrostatic attraction (ESA), hazards such as: papermaking and printing industry: paper rolls are uneven, inaccurate overprinting , The pollution is serious, and even the paper sticks, which affects production. Static electricity conductive brush strip: It has a permanent static electricity grade of 104-106, which can remove static electricity on the product, prevent dander and dust from sticking to the product and cause pollution of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and greatly reduce the yield. Anti-static brush strip: anti-static grade 1010-1012, used for cleaning without damaging the product due to static electricity, or even causing personal harm. Brass Wire Brushes The electrostatic brush strip produced by Aoqun has a good electrostatic effect. The electrostatic agent is directly integrated into the wool yarn instead of spraying on the surface of the wool yarn, and the effect is more durable. Why choose the electrostatic brush strip from Aoqun Brush, a Chinese manufacturer of brush strips? It is the world's first colored UL-94V0 flame retardant escalator safety brush; Its bristles are magnified 30 times under the microscope without burrs; Its high-quality large-scale custom-made brushes have an annual production capacity of 20.89 million meters per year; It has more than 30 European and American certifications such as IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO90001 and many patent certifications.

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  • What Is The Use Of AOQUN's Cup Shape Strip Brushes For Industrial Shoes?

    What Is The Use Of AOQUN's Cup Shape Strip Brushes For Industrial Shoes?

    August 4,2021.

    Martin is a trader from Brazil, he recently sent an e-mail to us: "My friend has had a problem. The cup shape strip brushes are used in his shoe factories are not durable. In less than a day, the entire brush is corroded. It can't be used. His friend owns more than ten shoe factories. If the cup shape strip brushes   is not used for more than 2 to 3 days, it will seriously affect their production efficiency and bring more economic losses. I know AOQUN from others friends. I hope you can solve the problem for my friend.” Martin also repeatedly stressed that the production line of several of the factories will be stopped while testing sample, so we must provide a good cup shape strip brushes which has good corrosion resistance, otherwise they will face greater losses. Cup Shape Strip Brushes   After listening to Martin's distress and needs, our sales team immediately took the right medicine. With the professional product knowledge, we immediately provided the corrosion-resistant material for the customer, and gave him cup shape strip brushes samples within 7 working days.   Martin received the samples and immediately sent the samples to his friend. After 10 days of testing, Martin feedback: "My friend is very satisfied with the results of your sample test. The cup shape strip brushes can be used for up to 3 days, and their productivity is greatly improved, which also saves their economic costs. I will also find you to buy brush in the future." And it is the fourth time Martin has placed order so far this year.

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  • Honestly Operating Brush Strip Manufacturer-AOQUN

    Honestly Operating Brush Strip Manufacturer-AOQUN

    August 3,2021.

    AOQUN is a brush strip manufacturer rooted in the brush industry and focused on customer needs for 20 years. It is a high-tech enterprise, A-level taxpayer and creditworthy enterprise in Guangdong Province. It has a number of invention patent certifications and has obtained IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO90001 quality management system certification. Quality and integrity have received long-term unanimous praise from customers. It has a punctual delivery rate of 98% and customer satisfaction ≥99.9%. It has never received complaints from customers about product fraud or raw material leakage. It is a long-term partner of world-renowned brands such as Hitachi, OTIS, and KONE. AOQUN is the best brush manufacturer for you. It is a manufacturer of high-quality and mass-customized brushes. It has nearly 100 brush bases that can match various applications. Easy installation, easy installation and maintenance, and work efficiency increased by 300%. More importantly, it can realize the precise customization of the brush. The color is customized according to Pantone. It provides anti-static, flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistant brushes, and provides straight and corrugated filaments. Engineers measure on the spot, and the product manager will make a customized plan within 8 hours, and deliver samples within 2 days, fast shipping, and on-time delivery. Brush Strip Seal   This is the choice of brush suppliers of world-renowned brands, and this is the product that an honest A-level tax-paying credit brush strip manufacturer can provide you. What are you still hesitating?

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