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  • Why PA66 Is Used For Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brushes? AOQUN

    Why PA66 Is Used For Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brushes? AOQUN

    September 3,2021.

    The vacuum cleaner cleans for you and gives you a clean and dust-free home. The cleaning is actually dependent on its selection of materials. The material of the vacuum cleaner strip brush is selected, which can easily clean dust and garbage, saving time and fast. Therefore, the brush wire material is different, the use effect and the service life are also different. Vaccum Cleaner Strip Brush Many vacuum cleaner brushes will choose nylon and PP materials. There are many kinds of nylon materials, but PA66 is the more chosen one, because PA66 has relatively outstanding flexibility, resilience, and abrasion resistance, and it can instantly recover after bending. Elastic and moderate hardness, so the service life of the product is higher than that. Of course, the material of the brush wire will vary depending on the environment in which it is used. PBT, which also has good resilience and high hardness, is also chosen by many manufacturers, but its abrasion resistance is slightly lower than that of nylon. We cannot say in general terms which material is more suitable. Different scenes to be cleaned, different garbage adsorbed, and the choice of strip brushing are also different. The correct choice of materials can achieve the best cleaning effect.

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  • What Are The Reasons And Solutions For The Failure Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

    What Are The Reasons And Solutions For The Failure Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners?

    September 1,2021.

    Industrial vacuum cleaner equipment is widely used in industrial production. During long-term use, many people have encountered equipment clogging. Once blocked, they must be cleaned up in time to avoid damage to the machine. The following Aoqun brushes will introduce you to several specific methods for blockage cleaning. 1. Check the position of the float ball, and check whether the float ball is stuck in the air inlet. If the float ball blocks the air inlet, you need to turn off the power of the machine and clean the foreign objects around the float. Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brushes 2. The seal between the motor and the dust collector is not tight. Check the screws and gaskets around the motor. If the gaskets are loose or damaged, they should be tightened or replaced in time. 3. The fan blades are not fixed and fastened. When the fan blade slides on the motor shaft, it will also affect the dust collection effect. The fan blade positioning screw should be tightened. 4. the strip brush of the brush head of the vacuum cleaner is worn out, causing the suction power to weaken. At this time, remove the strip brush and adjust the position of the strip brush assembly to make the strip brush close to the ground. If the wear is severe, the strip brush accessories of the brush head can be replaced in time. Aoqun Brush Factory specializes in customizing various types of industrial vacuum cleaner head brushes, punching brushes, planting brushes, roller brushes and other styles. The brushes are durable and not easy to shed. If you need a custom vacuum cleaner brush, please contact Aoqun brush manufacturer.

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  • What Are The Common Brush Heads For Vacuum Cleaners? AOQUN

    What Are The Common Brush Heads For Vacuum Cleaners? AOQUN

    August 31,2021.

    "Small brushes, big world" is not false at all, because brushes are non-standard customized products, and the range of customization and applications are really as many as stars. Today, let's count the common brush heads for vacuum cleaners. 1. Punching Strip Brush Punching strip brush, this kind of vacuum cleaner brush head is our common strip brush product. The shape is changed by punching, bending and other processes, and the strip brush that is wound into an oval, round, and rectangular shape can be adapted to the card slots of more vacuum cleaners to achieve a cleaning effect. The brush head of the vacuum cleaner has good tensile strength and is not easy to shed hair. Vacuum Cleaners Punching Strip Brush 2. Floor Brush Roll Soft velvet roller floor brushes have become more commonly used with the popularity of hand-held vacuum cleaners. They are often used to clean tiles and wooden floors, and are especially suitable for sweeping dust and particles. Floor Soft Brush Roll 3. Staple Set Roller Brush The bristles are implanted in the brush handle by means of hair transplantation, roughly in a V-shaped distribution, uniform density, moderate hardness of the bristles, and not easy to deform. In the floor cleaning particulate matter such as tiles and wooden floors, garbage will be ejected. Vaccum Cleaning Staple Set Roller Brush 4. Dust Removal Soft Brush It is suitable for dust removal and debris cleaning of curtains, cloth fabrics and other surfaces. The soft bristles can suck up the dust and even debris attached to the surface and inside of the fabric during use to achieve the purpose of deep cleaning. Dust Removal Soft Brush 5. Side Brush The top of the brush head of the vacuum cleaner is used on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner (sweeper). Easy to disassemble and install, the material is sturdy, used to assist the sweeper to clean up the dust and garbage on the side and corner of the wall. Automatic Robot Vaccum Cleaner Side Brushes A brief introduction to several common vacuum cleaner brush heads, I believe you have a certain understanding of the use of different brush heads. Use different brush heads for cleaning different corners and garbage, which can effectively reduce the pressure of housework and make a comfortable and clean life easier.

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  • Why Should The Scrubber Brush Be Chosen Carefully? AOQUN

    Why Should The Scrubber Brush Be Chosen Carefully? AOQUN

    August 30,2021.

    All kinds of terrazzo floors, cement floors, tile floors, and marble floors can use scrubbers. How to prevent the floor scrubber from scratching the floor during work? Choosing the right scrubber brush is the key. We have to choose the matching strip brush according to different floor materials to achieve the best cleaning effect and maximize the product life. Floor Scrubber Strip Brush With the development of technology, many industrial scrubbers can be used for multiple purposes as long as they are matched with scrubber strip brushes. For example, PA strip brushes and wool strip brushes are mostly used to clean epoxy floors. The soft brush filaments are not easy to scratch. The lacquered surface can also play a role as a polished mirror surface. For floors such as marble and terrazzo, wear-resistant PBT filaments are often used. The last is the roughest concrete floor, and you can choose a strip brush with a certain hardness. The price of the scrubber is not cheap. If you choose inferior scrubber brushes and damage the scrubber, it will not be worth the loss. In order to extend the service life of the machine, please use it with a standardized strip brush. Industrial Floor Scrubber Strip Brushes Aoqun Brush Industry serves more than 30 industries and has its own unique insights in the manufacture of industrial strip brushes. It can customize high-quality industrial strip brushes according to customers' needs and results. We can provide you with customized solutions to eliminate the troubles of the last level of scrubber products.

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  • What Is The Function Of The Side Brush Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

    What Is The Function Of The Side Brush Of The Vacuum Cleaner?

    August 27,2021.

    Now sweepers have gradually entered more and more families. The sweeping robot has a complete vacuum cleaning system, automatic line planning capability, and remote control functions, which free people's hands. The sweepers currently on the market are equipped with important parts-vacuum cleaner side brushes. The function of the side brush is to assist the sweeping robot to better clean up the garbage in the side walls and gaps that cannot be approached. Since many sweeping robots currently use infrared detection, in order to prevent collisions with walls and furniture, they will be close to the target. Stop at the centimeter, and the side brush can play an important role at this time. After many tests and verifications, the manufacturer of the Aoqun cleaning brush found that the length of the cleaning brush is generally 5-8cm longer than the edge of the body, so that the length of the brush can help the sweeper to better sweep away the dirt. Vaccum Cleaner Side Brushes The side brushes produced by Aoqun Brush Factory are mainly three-claw, five-claw and six-claw brushes. The brush filaments are nylon tufts that are wear-resistant and not easy to shed. The material is moderately soft and hard. The flexible swing arm structure is durable and does not deform. On this basis, an anti-winding structure (anti-hair structure design) is also adopted, which can rotate synchronously with the side brush, on the one hand, prevents hair from entering the gap at the bottom of the sweeper, and on the other hand, it is convenient for hair collection. For custom vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaner side brushes, please visit our website. You are welcome to inquire at any time.

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  • Why Are Copper Wire Stem Mounted End Brushes Used For Watch Polishing?

    Why Are Copper Wire Stem Mounted End Brushes Used For Watch Polishing?

    August 24,2021.

    There are no less than 4 processes in the manufacturing process of the back cover of the precious smart watch that require the use of copper wire Stem Mounted End Brushes. Stem Mounted End Brushes and polishing powder carry out fine polishing on the surface to make the surface smooth, clean and bright.   Aoqun Brush Factory independently developed and customized solid copper wire Stem Mounted End Brushes, using a flexible, abrasion-resistant copper wire as the main body of the brush wire, and the rod part is solid solid aluminum. Tight copper wire, no hollow in the middle, so the consistency of polishing is better, and the overall wear resistance is very good. According to customer feedback from the cooperation, “One Stem Mounted End Brushes is enough to solve the 3 cumbersome procedures in the past”. Crimped Brass Wire Mounted Stem End Brushes   The solid copper wire Stem Mounted End Brushes supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory not only saves customers labor costs, replacement costs and time costs, but also improves production efficiency and work efficiency. Stem Mounted End Brushes can be customized in a variety of styles according to customer needs, such as flat, bowl, Y, hollow, etc. For more product information, please call Aoqun customer service.

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