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  • How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Brush?

    How To Clean The Vacuum Cleaner Brush?

    August 19,2021.

    The current vacuum cleaner manufacturers will customize different types of vacuum cleaner brush heads according to the use situation, but they can be roughly divided into three categories. The most commonly used type is plastic brush heads, such as round head brushes, flat nozzle brushes, pet brush heads, etc. This type of brush heads are mainly planting brushes, which are more convenient to clean, and only need to be rinsed with water. The other two types are strip brush heads and soft velvet roller brushes. These two types of brush heads require more attention when cleaning. Let me first talk about the strip brush head. This brush head has dense and soft filaments on the top. Most of the brush heads are made of soft nylon filaments or bristles. The sweeping brush heads and crevice brushes used in daily use The head is a brush-type brush head. When cleaning the brush head of this type of vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to use a bamboo stick to remove the trash entangled on the brush filament, and then soak it in warm water with detergent for 10-15 minutes, and rub the stain in the water gently. After the stains are cleaned, rinse them off with plenty of water. Furthermore, it is a soft velvet rolling brush, which has a smooth round velvet surface, which has a greater sweeping effect on dust, and is especially suitable for cleaning particulate matter, and is mostly suitable for cleaning ceramic tiles and wooden floors. When cleaning the brush head of a soft velvet vacuum cleaner, you can first gently pat the brush head to remove the dust and particles on the surface, soak it in warm water with a mild detergent for 10-15 minutes, and gently stroke the stain in the water . After the stains on the suede are cleaned, rinse with plenty of water. After cleaning the brush head of the vacuum cleaner, you can use a towel to gently press and squeeze the water from the brush head, and then place it in a cool place for drying. After sufficient drying, install the brush head back on the vacuum cleaner.

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  • Why Use Brush Strip For Wood Floor Vaccum Cleaning?|AOQUN

    Why Use Brush Strip For Wood Floor Vaccum Cleaning?|AOQUN

    August 17,2021.

    More and more home decorations choose wooden floors, but did you know that ordinary direct-suction vacuum cleaner strip brush heads are not suitable for cleaning wooden floors? If you want to clean wooden floors easily, you should choose a brush strip for suede vacuum cleaners. Compared with the traditional tile floor, the wood floor with natural texture and color gives people a visual sense of warmth and comfort, making it easier to relax. Although the wooden floor is made of natural materials, it is more wear-resistant than ceramic tiles, reduces the possibility of slipping, and is more suitable for families with young children and elderly groups. Coupled with the characteristics of easy installation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, and good warmth retention, it can also save a lot of costs for the family. Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brush When many people use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor, they will find that the brush strip head of the straight vacuum cleaner is easy to scratch the floor and cannot achieve a good cleaning effect. In fact, the direct-suction vacuum cleaner brush head can realize the rapid cleaning of carpets and hard floors, but the suede vacuum cleaner floor brush strip should be used to clean wooden floors. The floor brush strip of the suede vacuum cleaner will increase the contact area with the floor, and the working principle of wiping while sucking, has a better sweeping effect on dust, and is especially suitable for cleaning large areas of wooden floors. Suitable vacuum cleaner nozzles should be selected for different cleaning areas. If you need to customize a vacuum cleaner brush strip of different shapes, you can contact Aoqun brush strip factory, and we will have someone to help you solve your doubts.

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  • Why Clean Strip Brushes For Vacuum Cleaners? | Aoqun Brush

    Why Clean Strip Brushes For Vacuum Cleaners? | Aoqun Brush

    August 13,2021.

    In recent years, the retail scale of the vacuum cleaner market has continued to expand, and the demand has continued to rise. Many families have purchased vacuum cleaners. Some diligent friends even use the vacuum cleaner to clean 2-3 times a week, but do you know that vacuum cleaner strip brushes also need to be cleaned regularly?   Traditional cleaning methods are difficult to clean dust and dander. These particulate matter will enter the human body through organs such as the nasal cavity and respiratory tract and cause dark diseases. The emergence of vacuum cleaners solves this problem for us. In order to deal with the cleaning of various areas, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have customized different types of vacuum cleaner strip brushes, such as dust sweeping soft brushes, pet brush heads, mite removal brush heads, flat nozzle brush heads, gap cleaning nozzles, etc., which are convenient Our household cleaning work.   Why do we need to clean the brushes strip of the vacuum cleaner regularly? This is because after a long period of use, hair, dust, particles, mites, etc. will adhere to it. Especially for some brush heads, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect, manufacturers will customize high-density brush filaments to absorb dust, particles, etc. The dense nature of the hairs facilitates the adsorption of dust, and at the same time provides opportunities for these dirts to contain dirt.   If the vacuum cleaner strip brushes are not sufficiently dried after use, if they are placed in a dark place, the trace oxygen and humidity in the air will cause microorganisms to multiply, resulting in mildew and mildew. In the next use, these multiplying molds will randomly "land" everywhere in the house with the brush of the vacuum cleaner, and enter the human body according to the effect of evaporation, which may induce tracheitis and tonsillitis and other diseases. Especially those who have children at home or those with weaker respiratory system need to pay more attention. It is indispensable to clean the brush head well.

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  • Aoqun UL94 Flame Retardant Strip Brush Effectively Blocks Fire Sources

    Aoqun UL94 Flame Retardant Strip Brush Effectively Blocks Fire Sources

    August 11,2021.

    What kind of stripe brush can block the fire source and protect our personal and property safety in the event of a fire? 1. Choose a strip brush with flame retardant function. Aoqun can provide different flame retardant grades of strip brushes, including the flame retardant strip brush that has passed the highest flame retardant grade UL94-V0: it burns and emits white smoke and is non-toxic. After two 10-second burning tests, the flame is within 30 seconds. The inside is extinguished, and no burning material falls. 2. Choose the strip brush that has passed the NFPA130 Bombardier fire smoke detection. This flame-retardant strip brush of Aoqun is effective in flame-retardant and fire-retardant, delays the spread of fire, and reduces the smoke and poisonous mist emitted by combustion. 3. Select the strip brush that has passed the halogen-free test. Aoqun can provide flame-retardant strip brushes that have passed the halogen-free test. Its halogen content is extremely low, it is not easy to burn, and will not produce harmful gases due to burning a large amount of halogen, which will cause people to inhale excessively in a fire, harm the body, or even suffocate. UL94 flame-retardant Strip Brushes Aoqun’s UL94 flame-retardant strip brushes have been recognized by leading companies in more than 20 industries, with business in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and have helped one after another familiar classic projects, such as Beijing subway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail, and Guangzhou Zhuhai Light Rail, Hong Kong Subway, etc.

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  • AOQUN Tells You What Requirements Should Be Met For The Cable Management Brush Strip?

    AOQUN Tells You What Requirements Should Be Met For The Cable Management Brush Strip?

    August 10,2021.

    Now in the 5G era, data centers are indispensable. Of course, tools to organize data cables are also indispensable. With the data management tool, the network management brush box can effectively improve the work efficiency of the installer and save the management staff. Time to sort out the data line. Let's talk about the network management brush box: 1. The network cable management brush strip is produced with brand new pure materials, which meets ROHS, SVHC and other EU third-party testing standards. 2. It can be quickly extinguished within 30s of burning close to an open flame, and does not produce toxic and harmful substances to the human body; 3. The brush filaments are neat and smooth without lint, rebound, and have good sealing performance, which can ensure that the sealing effect is not affected by the use environment. 4. Strong tensile strength, no deformation or hair loss after millions of frictions, and no hidden troubles to the equipment. 5. Supporting supply, flexible and changeable mounting brackets, a variety of brackets with different shapes and sizes have strong adaptability, and can be used on different components and plates, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and effectively saves labor costs. Steel Cable Management Brush The above are the characteristics that the cable management brush strip should have. Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Industry is a manufacturer focusing on high-quality mass customization of network cable management brush strips. The company has an experienced R&D team in the industry, a complete upstream raw material supply chain, and strong customization capabilities can quickly make samples for you, on time delivery. Today, AOQUN has reached cooperation with more than 3,000 customers and is well received by customers.

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  • Why Choose The Electrostatic Brush Strip From Aoqun Brush, A Chinese Manufacturer Of Brush Strips?

    Why Choose The Electrostatic Brush Strip From Aoqun Brush, A Chinese Manufacturer Of Brush Strips?

    August 6,2021.

    Static electricity is a kind of static charge. The generation of static electricity is inevitable in industrial production. The electrostatic brush strips produced by Aoqun can easily remove static electricity. The electrostatic brush strips are divided into static electricity and anti-static, according to the needs of use Choose by yourself. Anti-Static Brass Wire Brushes The harm caused by it can be attributed to the following two mechanisms: 1. Electrostatic discharge (ESD), hazards such as: causing electronic equipment to malfunction or malfunction, causing electromagnetic interference. 2.Electrostatic attraction (ESA), hazards such as: papermaking and printing industry: paper rolls are uneven, inaccurate overprinting , The pollution is serious, and even the paper sticks, which affects production. Static electricity conductive brush strip: It has a permanent static electricity grade of 104-106, which can remove static electricity on the product, prevent dander and dust from sticking to the product and cause pollution of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and greatly reduce the yield. Anti-static brush strip: anti-static grade 1010-1012, used for cleaning without damaging the product due to static electricity, or even causing personal harm. Brass Wire Brushes The electrostatic brush strip produced by Aoqun has a good electrostatic effect. The electrostatic agent is directly integrated into the wool yarn instead of spraying on the surface of the wool yarn, and the effect is more durable. Why choose the electrostatic brush strip from Aoqun Brush, a Chinese manufacturer of brush strips? It is the world's first colored UL-94V0 flame retardant escalator safety brush; Its bristles are magnified 30 times under the microscope without burrs; Its high-quality large-scale custom-made brushes have an annual production capacity of 20.89 million meters per year; It has more than 30 European and American certifications such as IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO90001 and many patent certifications.

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