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  • How To Identify Wool Brushes?

    How To Identify Wool Brushes?

    January 11,2022.

    In our brush industry, natural wool is also used to produce door bottom sealing brushes through some processing procedures. The door bottom sealing brush made of wool is mainly used for its good sealing performance, effective dust blocking, cold and heat insulation, energy saving, environmental protection, and cleanliness. So can you identify wool brushes? The wool brush feels very soft to the touch and has a softer color. People outside the industry may not be able to see the difference between them, so we will use the most "simple and crude" method to test the truth - the burning method. Use a lighter to burn the wool of the wool brush, pay attention to observation and smell, the wool brush will emit smoke and bubbles while burning, accompanied by the smell of burnt hair, there will be more ashes after burning, and it will become black and brittle The quick shape is the organic fiber wool brush. Aoqun Brush Industry focuses on the customization of high-quality and large-scale brushes, and has customized high-quality brush products that meet the requirements of the industry for more than 20 industries. For 11 years, we have insisted on using pure wool to make every brush carefully. As long as you provide relevant specifications, dimensions and usage information, Aoqun Brush Company can provide you with a reasonable and effective customized solution for brushes.

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  • What Is The Effect Of A Sealed Brush Made Of Wool?

    What Is The Effect Of A Sealed Brush Made Of Wool?

    January 5,2022.

    Wool, a natural fiber, is widely used in all walks of life. For the home improvement industry, we use wool brushes to decorate and sweep paint; that is, what we often call paint brushes. Another example is the beauty industry. The soft wool is made into eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, and concealer brush. It can evenly apply makeup for us. Do you know how wool brushes are used in the brush industry? Wool Strip Brushes The wool bristles have thick peaks, soft and elastic filaments, very abrasion-resistant, and not easy to shed. In the brush industry, we have used the advantages of wool to make the door bottom sealing brush, which acts as a good seal and dust-proof , Insulate cold and heat, block insects and ants, and prevent static electricity. After installation, the indoor space after wool brushing is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and keeps clean. Such as the revolving door of the hotel, home door, industrial door, can be used. Aoqun Brush has 11 years of experience in custom production of brush products. According to the characteristics of the products, it customizes high-quality products that meet their use, just like the customization of wool brushes. Aoqun Brush Industry has 17 years of industry experience. The production and design team can provide you with effective and feasible brush customization solutions.

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  • The Method Of Sealing The Brush Strip Of The Security Door

    The Method Of Sealing The Brush Strip Of The Security Door

    December 2,2021.

    As we all know, there is no tight seal between the safety door and the door frame, which will cause air leakage and poor sound insulation. In winter, when the cold wind blows into the house through the door gap, the indoor temperature will drop; in the house, we will hear noisy noises from outside the corridor, or the sound of talking inside the house will spread to the outside of the house, which will make our lives. affected. What method can be adopted to manually solve the problem of poor sealing of the safety door gap? The following editor will introduce you a simple and cost-saving method. Strip Brush Seal Steps: 1. Find the door gap and measure the gap size: find the gap between the door frame and the security door, measure the size of the door gap, and select the appropriate brush strip to provide accurate size data. 2. Choose and buy a suitable brush strip: The appropriate brush should be selected according to the size of the gap. 3. Wipe clean the place where the brush is to be pasted: If there is dust or moisture in the pasting part, it will greatly affect the pasting effect. Use a clean towel to wipe clean the area where the brush strip will be attached. 4. Paste the brush strips: stick the wool strips to the corresponding position that has been wiped clean. At this moment, you can't use too much force and air pressure to avoid correcting it when it is not properly pasted. 5. Close the door to check: After pasting, close the safety door to check the effect after pasting. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be re-adjusted. If there is no problem after the test, the brush strip can be pressed firmly. 6. Finish the adjustment: You can close the entire safety door and have a look, at this time all the gaps have been tightly sealed, which can play an excellent sound insulation and wind shielding effect. Matters needing attention: When buying top size specifications, you need to consult the seller first to prevent the top from being too short or too long, which will affect the sealing effect. When sticking the wool top for the first time, stick the test effect in a local position first to prevent it from not conforming after sticking a large area. There are always harmful insects coming in at home. I bought insecticides and it is hard to guard against. There is still a lot of dust in the house every day. The continuous noise from the outside seriously affects our sleep. In winter, the cold wind roars in. What should I do? Woolen cloth? Recommend the use of multifunctional door bottom sealing brush strips! The role of the door bottom sealing strip is dustproof, cold, soundproof, anti-collision, insect-proof and waterproof. It has a wide range of functions and is used in various door bottom gaps. The sealed brush strip independently developed by the high-quality merchant Aoqun Brush Industry has no leakage at the top of the peak, no unevenness, no difference in length, so as to be more effective in preventing dust, insects, sound, ...

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  • Why Use Energy-Saving Brush Strips For Doors And Windows?

    Why Use Energy-Saving Brush Strips For Doors And Windows?

    December 1,2021.

    Energy-saving brush strips for doors and windows are installed on the screen doors of subways and the revolving doors of hotels, or on the screen doors of some large equipment or machinery. Traditional door and window rubber strips have the shortcomings of high friction coefficient and non-flame retardant, easy to damage when moving doors and windows, and generate static electricity. 1. The base of the energy-saving sealing brush for doors and windows uses SUS304 with good corrosion resistance (>8% nickel content,>19% aluminum) or electro-galvanized sheet with stable structure and well-balanced color. 2. The base line of the base is straight, and the axis of the cross section is symmetrical. The hairs are sparsely dense and uniform in thickness, with the same height and length, without falling off, no loosening, and pulling resistance of ≥6KG. It can strengthen the sealing effect between doors and windows and prevent noise interference. The friction coefficient is reduced, which has a good energy-saving effect without losing the sealing performance. 3. Energy-saving brush strips for doors and windows have passed the SVHC test and comply with EU standards. The filament yarn is a functional nylon yarn with elasticity, strong resilience, high flexibility and good wear resistance. It is also anti-static and flame-retardant (extinguishes when it is separated from the fire, no burning objects fall), and appears smokeless and no radiation , Non-toxic, low-calorie. 4. The heat distortion temperature is as high as 185-190℃, the melting point is as high as 218-224℃, and the nylon density reaches 1.14. When it is ignited, it burns slowly, with white smoke. The color of the flame is yellow on the outer layer and light blue on the inner layer. 5. Let the sealing gap of the equipment no longer be restricted by the shape of the brush. The choice is diverse. The design is reasonable and suitable for various shapes. Steps to install the door and window sealing brush strips: First measure the door gap size, and customize the door and window sealing brush with a suitable height, so there is no need to replace doors and windows with great effort. In order to make the installation more convenient, the current brushes do not need to be punched, and only need to paste 3M tape behind the aluminum alloy bracket to use. After 3-5 years of use, it will not fall under normal conditions. If you add it, you only need to replace the tape on the back. It is very practical and beautiful, and the cost is relatively low. When choosing to buy door and window sealing brushes, it is also very particular. Generally, sealing brushes of different materials should be selected according to different use environments. For example, to install a dust-proof sealing brush near the door, it is recommended to choose a nylon brush with better abrasion resistance; if it is used in a cabinet sealing brush, a brush with a certain flame retardant function should be selected. When installed on m...

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  • Why Is It Necessary To Install A Sealing Brush On The Screen Door?

    Why Is It Necessary To Install A Sealing Brush On The Screen Door?

    November 17,2021.

    China's high-speed rail construction and development are advancing by leaps and bounds. China's high-speed rail has grown from nothing to a world leader, and has gradually become China's business card and has become famous all over the world. The great convenience and comfortable riding experience that railway transportation brings to our daily travel is indispensable with a high-quality screen door sealing brush.   The door sealing brush is an important "green leaf role" on the screen door of rail transit. The sealing brush is installed on the left and right sides and above the screen door. So why do you need to use a sealing brush on a screen door? There are four main reasons.   1. When the high-speed rail train is moving forward at high speed, especially when passing through a tunnel, it will drive the air in the tunnel to flow at a high speed and produce "piston wind". The sealing brush will now take on the task of keeping the space sealed and dustproof. , Maintain good sealing and air tightness.   2. The fast running of the train will also bring a lot of noise. After installation, it can also reduce the discomfort caused by the noise and improve the passengers' good riding experience.   3. The sealed brush also has a good energy saving and environmental protection effect. When the car door switch is closed, it is easy to exchange hot and cold gas. The heat brought by the brake when the train enters the station will enter the waiting area. The entrance and exit of the platform will inhale the cold load formed by the air due to the piston effect of the train. And the cold and hot air in the tunnel are easy to be sucked away. The brush filaments are evenly distributed and the density is high. After installation, it can maintain 98.5% airtightness, which has a good energy-saving effect.   4. The sealed brush is flame-retardant. The brush wire with flame retardant function is not easy to be burned. Unfortunately, a fire incident in the car compartment can reduce the secondary damage caused by combustibles. (UL94-V0 grade brush filament burns for 10 seconds, the flame will be quickly extinguished within 30 seconds, and no burning material drips, and the combustion gas is non-toxic).   The aluminum alloy bracket of the screen door sealing brush can match a variety of door bodies. The styles are rich and diverse. The commonly used types are H, F, Y, and T. Aoqun manufacturers have a total of more than 70 styles for customers to choose from. More than one hundred high-speed railway trains have customized screen door sealing brushes that meet national standards, and provide customized services that can be customized with drawings, samples and designs according to customer needs.   Aoqun Brush brand screen door sealing brushes have passed SVHC testing and meet ROHS EU standards; sealed brushes that reach UL94-V0 flame retardant level meet EN45545-2 EU fire and flame retardant smoke toxicity test requirements, and are ...

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  • Practicality And Versatility Of Screen Door Strip Brushes

    Practicality And Versatility Of Screen Door Strip Brushes

    November 11,2021.

    Aoqun Brush Industry's screen door brushes are sold all over the world. The screen door strip brushes of the Aoqun brand are installed in the train screen door projects in Sydney, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. In China's high-speed rail and subway projects The use of is countless, so it occupies a large market share. In 1983, the Lille subway in France had the world's first glass screen door. Glass screen doors are used in railway transportation systems in Europe and Asia, and they are still one of the safety standards. The screen door separates the platform from the train operation space, and can be automatically opened and closed by the control system. Screen doors are most commonly used on high-speed railways and subways. There are mainly three types of subway screen doors: closed, open and half-height. Open and half-height are mostly used for barriers and aesthetics, so they are usually called "safety doors." Closed full-height screen doors are used for underground platforms. In addition to ensuring the safety of passengers, they also have the energy-saving effect of blocking the exchange of cold and hot airflow between the airflow in the tunnel and the cold air-conditioning environment in the train. The height of the door is generally 2.8 m ~-3.2 m, this structure is mostly used for platforms with air conditioning systems. The conventional half-height security door is 1.2~1.5 meters. Because it cannot completely isolate the impact of wind and noise on passengers, this structure is mostly used on ground platforms or elevated platforms. Half-height Screen Door Closed Subway Screen Door A brush will be installed on the screen door to be used together. We call it a "screen door brush". After installation, it can reduce the loss of cold and hot air in the waiting room caused by air convection, and insulate cold and heat; it can also reduce the generation during train operation. The noise, good sealing effect, can create a safe and comfortable riding environment for passengers, and has the functions of energy saving, environmental protection and beauty. The reference base of the screen door brush strip supplied by Aoqun Brush Factory uses SUS304 stainless steel plate with stable corrosion resistance and a well-structured electrolytic plate. The wool yarn is made of functional nylon yarn with good flexibility, strong resilience and elasticity, and abrasion resistance, which has a long service life. The brushes are dense and uniform, the peaks are neat, there is no light leakage, no abnormal looseness, and the installation is not easy to fall off, and the tensile strength is ≥6KG. Proper use can maintain 98.5% airtightness, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. F-shaped Screen door seal brush strip "Aoqun" brand screen door strip brushes have passed the SVHC test and meet ROHS EU standards; the screen door strip brushes with flame retardant function reach the highest flame retardant grade of UL94-V0; in addition, they a...

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