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  • Who Can Customize Bottle Brush In Gutter? AOQUN Brush Factory

    Who Can Customize Bottle Brush In Gutter? AOQUN Brush Factory


    Have you noticed the bottle brush in gutter on the eaves? Don't underestimate the inconspicuous bottle brush in gutter on the eaves, it's not all bottle brush in gutter can be installed on it! There are tens of millions of bottle brush in gutter manufacturers, and bottle brush in gutter products are more like hair. The quality of the product determines where the product is placed. The selection of materials must be rigorous. Only the product quality, bottle brush in gutter that has passed multiple product inspections and passed the test can be installed on the eaves. Aoqun bottle brush in gutter factory supplies bottle brush in gutter to many cities at home and abroad. The products are made of pure material brush filaments, with high purity, abrasion resistance and damage resistance. The exported bottle brush in gutter has been tested by customers and has remained intact for more than 3 years! In addition, we can also give the eaves bottle brush in gutter flame retardant function, and the flame retardant level reaches UL94-V0 level, emits white smoke when burning, is non-toxic and harmless, and quickly extinguishes away from the fire. It has passed the third-party inspection and certification. Trust and recognition of many customers. Aoqun bottle brush in gutter has a variety of styles, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Customers are welcome to customize the eave bottle brush in gutter with drawings and samples. Aoqun bottle brush in gutter factory, worthy of your trust! For more information, please contact Aoqun.

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  • Brush for Gutter, Tested Manufacturers AOQUN

    Brush for Gutter, Tested Manufacturers AOQUN


    Many customers who want to order mass brush for gutter, they have strict requirement. Not only the quality must meet the requirements, but also the scale of the factory must reach a certain level.   Every customer is welcome to visit the factory at any time. Aoqun focused on brush for gutter for 20 years, with a production capacity of 13.104 million pieces / year, so it is not a problem whether it is production capacity or customer inspection.   After receiving the sample of the brush for gutter, Tom was very satisfied and placed orders. We delivered in accordance with the agreed date and successfully passed the audit. Tom is very happy to say that he is very relieved to cooperate with such a strong manufacturer. 

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  • Buy Gutter Cover Brush, AOQUN is Too Professional

    Buy Gutter Cover Brush, AOQUN is Too Professional


    Some foreign customers need to find the gutter cover brush which were originally purchased were too smooth.   It is understood that the main function of the gutter cover brush is to filter the water environment, so the gutter cover brush must have a good filtration effect. Aoqun is the first company in the industry to set the industry standard for twisted wire gutter cover brush.   All gutter cover brush is produced with various irregular curved wires and cross wires. The irregular angular contact surface can effectively filter the particulates in the water, reduce the anaerobic water conditions in the water, which is loved by the majority of customer. 

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  • Brown Gutter Brush Processing Factory - AOQN

    Brown Gutter Brush Processing Factory - AOQN


    The brown gutter brush looks simply, but it is not easy to make. The brown gutter brushes before were neither able to filter well, or the workmanship was rough and often lose filament.   Aoqun recommended the best-selling brown gutter brush. Aoqun is a brush processing factory specializing in brown gutter brushes, so it will launch different brown gutter brush products at any time according to market demand.   In order to prevent the filament from loosening, the brown gutter brushes are strictly tested at the factory to withstand the pull-out force to ensure that the brushes will not lose filament after the biofilm is loaded. 

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  • 50mm Gutter Brush Only Chooses AOQUN

    50mm Gutter Brush Only Chooses AOQUN


    The customer is specializing in the installation of 50mm gutter brush for gutter. Recently, he received high-end 50mm gutter brush with environmental protection.   AOQUN 50mm gutter brush that use environmentally friendly new, non-recycled materials. AOQUN has the environmental testing report. The customer is very satisfied.   The customer immediately contact to order 50mm gutter brush to complete the project, also said that he will place the following orders to AOQUN too!

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  • Industrial Gutter Brush Chooses AOQUN

    Industrial Gutter Brush Chooses AOQUN


    The customer needs a cheap industrial gutter brush, and the shaft does not need stainless steel, can it reduce the cost?   The industrial gutter brush is used for gutter, because the industrial gutter brush is in the water, if the shaft uses iron wire, it is easy to rust, the rusty shaft affects the water quality, it is recommended to use stainless steel industrial gutter brush. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, and it is also stronger.   The customer thanked us for recommending the stainless steel industrial gutter brush. Now the sales are getting better and better. 

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