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  • Which Pet Cleaning Brush Order Is Strong -AOQUN

    Which Pet Cleaning Brush Order Is Strong -AOQUN


    "Hello, can Aoqun make a pet cleaning brush for me? The design and size are strictly in accordance with my requirements. I hope you can help me solve this problem." The customer told Aoqun that he only had the picture and size of the vacuum cleaner, and he needed our help to design a pet cleaning brush suitable for this vacuum cleaner. Seeing the picture, Aoqun gave a newly opened pet cleaning brush. As soon as the customer saw this aluminum bar, they were more affirmed of the strength of our Aoqun design and customization, and directly discussed the mold opening matters with Aoqun. The customer confirmed the sample by email on the 3rd day after receiving the sample. After 10 days, I received an email from the customer and attached a pet cleaning brush order. It also said, "Because of your professionalism, you helped me design and customize a pet cleaning brush that matches our vacuum cleaner, which helped me solve the problem."

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  • Barbecue Cleaning Brush Keeping Hands Away From Grill – AOQUN

    Barbecue Cleaning Brush Keeping Hands Away From Grill – AOQUN


    The barbecue cleaning brush is very suitable for cleaning dead corners and keeping hands away from the grill. You only need a barbecue cleaning brush to clean every position, which can thoroughly clean dirt and grease on the grill. The hanging hole design at the end of the handle is easy to store and hang.       Aoqun is a manufacturer specializing in high-quality and large-scale barbecue cleaning brush customization for 20 years. Its factory pass rate ≥99.5%, shipment on-time rate ≥98%, and customer satisfaction ≥95%. Customer's praise and recognition. All of the above are just a part of Aoqun barbecue cleaning brush, and your distance from it is really within reach! Looking for barbecue cleaning brush, looking for Aoqun!

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  • Is the Cleaning Roomba Brush Wrong Product? Non-Existent-AOQUN

    Is the Cleaning Roomba Brush Wrong Product? Non-Existent-AOQUN


    Aoqun, the Guangzhou cleaning roomba brush manufacturer, does not have the "wrong product" situation of leaning roomba brush! "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise", "Class A Taxpayer", "Safety Production Standardization Enterprise Certification", in line with 10 EU ROHS heavy metals, EU SVHC197 high concern substance standards.....This is only It is part of the honor and certification obtained by Aoqun, the manufacturer of cleaning roomba brush in Guangzhou. It has focused on high-quality and large-volume cleaning roomba brush customization for 20 years. With its integrity management and the business philosophy of “Yinuoqianjin”, it has won more than 20 industries at home and abroad. Recognition and trust from leading companies. Aoqun has a standardized plant of 5000m², reasonable process flow, standardized operation, 12 quality inspection links, strict quality control process, complete product quality traceability system, and professional customer tracking. The factory pass rate of cleaning roomba brush is ≥99.5%, and the customer satisfaction is ≥95%, making your products and after-sales service worry-free. In Aoqun, cleaning roomba brush "wrong product" does not exist! There are only high requirements that you can't think of, and no good quality that Aoqun can't do!

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  • Cleaning Brush Car - AOQUN

    Cleaning Brush Car - AOQUN


    Aoqun cleaning brush car is 100% brand new and high quality with special design and unique Style. It can easily reaches delicate nooks and crannies in wheels rims and tyre. The soft bristle of cleaning brush car can clean brake dust and road grime safely without scratch, and the cleaning brush car’s shape to fit in to tight areas. Aoqun is a large cleaning brush car manufacturer with 18 years of high-quality large-scale cleaning brush car brush production. To develop solutions to meet customer application requirements and usage needs.

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  • Bike Cleaning Brush Kit - AOQUN

    Bike Cleaning Brush Kit - AOQUN


    Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bicycle maintenance ensuring better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, increased life of all parts of the bike, and provide more fun on your every ride! Bike cleaning brush kit offers quickly clean all parts of the bike. With the user experience and durability in mind, each brush's ergonomic handle fits well in your hand. The bristles of each brush of bike cleaning brush kit, which vary in diameter, length, and density, have been selected to provide a balance of durability, cleaning performance, and gentleness to match each brush's intended usage. Aoqun is a professional manufacturer specializing in high-quality and high-volume bike cleaning brush kit production, especially for twisted wire brush and staple set brush. The R&D team with 20 years of industry experience can customize a size according to the size provided by customer.

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  • Never Heard of Anti-rodent Brush? You are Out!

    Never Heard of Anti-rodent Brush? You are Out!

    September 25,2018.

    If you have never heard of the anti-rodent brush, then you are too out. The anti-pest company has start using this product to prevent mice in the building 10 years ago. The anti-rodent brush is very cheap but have the special anti-rodent effect on mice, especially for the mice which like to bite the wires and cables and destroy the communication equipment. The anti-rodent brush contributes most on anti-rodent. The anti-rodent brush usually is installed on a pipe/tube where mice visit often. The good quality anti-rodent brush has symmetrical bristle, feel like stiff and prickly, thus the mice will escape when see the anti-rodent brush. In addition, the shaft is very rigid so the mice cannot push it out. Therefore, it can reach the best anti-rodent effect. AOQUN anti-rodent brush is made of new PA/PP bristle, which distribute evenly. The shaft is twisted by 304 stainless steel to anti-rust, especially suitable for long-term effect of rodent control.

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