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How To Keep The Cabinets Room at a Constant Low Temperature?

How To Keep The Cabinets Room at a Constant Low Temperature?

July 21,2021.

Even if there is a complete air conditioning system inside the cabinet, there are many devices in the data center. In fact, the temperature distribution in the cabinet is uneven. Even if the current data center is equipped with ventilation ducts, the front of the cabinet is the air inlet and the rear is the air outlet, which can immediately take away the heat. However, because the heating power of various devices is different, if high-power devices are installed in some locations, local overheating of the computer room is prone to occur, which affects the safe operation of the data center, and may even cause hardware damage and individual equipment. A series of problems such as shutdown due to high temperature appeared. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature range in the data center computer room to remove or reduce local hot spots.

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In order to improve the operating environment of IT equipment, ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the data center, remove local hotspots, and reduce the excessive temperature of the local cabinets, some measures to deal with the hotspots of the data center are discussed below.

There are 7 factors that cause hot spots in the local location of the data center:

1. The free U position gap in the cabinet causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise.

2. The gap between adjacent cabinets in the same row causes the temperature inside the cabinet to rise.

3. The temperature inside the cabinet rises between the bottom of the cabinet and the electrostatic floor.

4. The mismatch between the air supply volume of the perforated floor corresponding to a single cabinet and the air volume required by the IT equipment in the cabinet causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise.

5. The matching of the density of the cabinet orifice and the air volume of the equipment causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise

6. Inappropriate input cooling capacity and heat load cause the temperature in the cabinet to rise.

7. The data center has been used for longer and longer. Some of the old equipment in the cabinet and the hot air generated by the heating equipment itself cannot be efficiently discharged, which causes eddy currents in the cabinet, resulting in high temperature and high pressure in the cabinet, resulting in high local temperature.


In the past, most of the methods for solving local hot spots were to increase the cooling capacity of the entire room, which would only increase energy consumption, and the local hot spots have not been completely eliminated. In addition, the point-to-point active refrigeration method is added, which is rack-mounted precision air supply air conditioner. This method has a long layout period, large investment, and layout is also very difficult. Based on several years of experience, and related standards and best tests at home and abroad, there are 7 points about how to solve local hot spots:

1. The manual air valve and the directional ventilation plate are the cold air diversion, so that 90% of the cooling capacity can be directly blown to the equipment, and the assembly is easy and simple, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be affected.

2. To prevent the occurrence of airflow turbulence, close the free U positions without equipment.

3. Close the gaps between adjacent cabinets in the same row. Install cabinet brushes on the cabinet gaps to form a sealed environment.

4. To prevent the phenomenon of hot air flowing back, the space between the bottom of the cabinet and the electrostatic floor should be closed. Install cabinet brushes between the bottom of the cabinet and the electrostatic floor, which can seal the air flow, prevent the hot air from conducting each other, and keep the cold air from losing, which helps maintain a low-temperature environment of the cabinet and the server works stably and safely.

5. Configure a certain amount of cooling margin, and the heat dissipation failure of a single air conditioner will not affect the normal operation of the equipment in the area.

6. The regional total air supply demand should be limited to 90%-110% of the total amount, and the opening rate of the perforated floor should be adjusted in coordination.

The air volume is obtained by survey, and it is supplied according to the demand of equipment.

7. To increase the wind speed and flow rate, a heat dissipation unit can be installed.

Local hot spots in the cabinet can easily lead to a poor operating environment for the equipment in the cabinet, damage to the equipment, etc., resulting in economic losses. Installing the cabinet strip brush can solve the problem of local hot spots. The brush can form a sealed environment to maintain the air circulation in the cold aisle inside the cabinet, so that the inside of the cabinet can maintain a low temperature working state. AOQUN sealed cabinet brushes, using 3.0 brush technology, UL94-V0 level flame retardant, durable and non-shedding! 2V1 engineer-level customization, samples in 2 days, fast delivery, and on-time delivery!

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