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How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner?| AOQUN

How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner?| AOQUN

August 16,2021.

Due to the maturity of the vacuum cleaner industry, almost every household now has a vacuum cleaner. However, there are more and more brands and more and more functions. Your friends have made a lot of mistakes when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Many people don't know how to choose.

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AOQUN has some suggestions for choosing a vacuum cleaner:

1. Vacuum cleaners are mainly divided into three types: horizontal, vertical and hand-held. Because horizontal vacuum cleaners were launched earlier, they are larger in size, consume more power, and are more expensive; although vertical vacuum cleaners consume There is not much electricity, but there will be some insufficient suction power; hand-held vacuum cleaners are small in size, and the suction power and power consumption are both moderate, so this type of vacuum cleaner is used more at home.

2. There are two types of vacuum cleaners: wired and wireless. Wired vacuum cleaners produced in the early years were more popular at the time. However, with the continuous development and innovation of vacuum cleaner technology, wireless vacuum cleaners have gradually entered people’s field of vision and have basically replaced them now. In addition, the wired vacuum cleaner is located in a place as high as the ceiling, and the wired vacuum cleaner cannot be cleaned, so it is a good choice to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner now.

3. The dust collection capacity is also very important. The amount of dust collection is related to the motor. Currently, the motors on the market are divided into ordinary brush motors and digital brushless motors. Brushless motors have high suction power and low energy consumption, which is relatively more. Suitable for home use.

4. For wireless vacuum cleaners, it is very embarrassing to find that there is no electricity in the middle of the cleaning work. Therefore, when buying a wireless vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the battery life, which depends on the battery type and capacity of the vacuum cleaner. Most wireless vacuum cleaner batteries are divided into nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, and lithium batteries. Different types of battery life and life are different, but because the life and safety of lithium batteries are the best, so most of the current home appliances Lithium battery is the first choice for power supply.

5. When buying a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to its mite removal function. Bed sheets are a good environment for nourishing mites. Living under the damage of mites for a long time will not only affect the development of children, but also cause our more serious skin allergies, scabies and other problems. It is very important to buy a vacuum cleaner with the function of removing mites.

6. At the same time, when the vacuum cleaner is working, there will always be more or less noise problems. If it is a qualified vacuum cleaner, it will have the function of eliminating noise, mainly by adopting a noise reduction design on the air duct of the vacuum cleaner to make the vacuum cleaner work The noise at the time is greatly reduced.

7. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the brand must also be considered. Different brands of vacuum cleaners have different performance and prices. Generally speaking, it is better to choose products produced by big brand manufacturers. After all, there will be sufficient guarantees in terms of quality and after-sales. The vacuum cleaners it produces can still survive after market inspections, which also shows its advantages from one side.

Vacuum cleaner strip brushes application

Vacuum Cleaner Strip Brushes Application

The vacuum cleaner has been used for a long time, and some parts will be replaced. Among them, the vacuum cleaner cleaning brush, whether it is a strip brush, a twisting brush, a brush roller or a planting brush, Aoqun Brush Factory can produce large quantities of high-quality vacuum cleaner brushes for you. We It is a large-scale manufacturer of vacuum cleaner brushes. The company is equipped with professional production machinery and equipment and professional technical production personnel. We will make corresponding hair thickness requirements for different products, and for vacuum cleaner strip brushes, there will also be corresponding flatness requirements. Customize large quantities of vacuum cleaner brushes, find AOQUN!

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