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Light Tight Escalator Safety Skirt Brush - AQOUN!

June 11,2019.

Mr. Wan, who has engaged in trade, recently asked for escalator safety skirt brush on both sides of the escalator. Mr. Wan’s previous suppliers came from Anhui. Although the price is cheap, the supplied escalator safety skirt brush is always uneven and leaking. It is often returned by customers on the grounds of affecting beauty. After several cooperation, Mr. Wan lost a lot of money. Therefore, Mr. Wan is determined to find a company with strong and excellent quality to supply escalator safety skirt brush.


Through the online search for the AOQUN, Mr. Wan found Mr. Chen, the customer service of AOQUN. Mr. Wan learned that AOQUN is a large-scale company specializing in the production of escalator safety skirt brush. AOQUN strictly implements the ISO9001-2015 quality system requirements, and conscientiously carries out the raw material incoming material inspection, production process inspection, factory inspection to ensure that each escalator safety skirt brush meets the tensile requirements, and the escalator safety skirt brush is neat and smooth. More importantly, AOQUN has successfully reached strategic cooperation with well-known elevator manufacturers such as Hitachi and Schindler, and product quality and service are trustworthy. Seeing that AOQUN has strict quality standards and numerous excellent cases, Mr. Wan immediately requested to first order the escalator safety skirt brush samples. After the samples were passed, they signed a framework agreement with AOQUN.


After 3 days, Mr. Wan received the feedback from the sample, and the samples were tested, which was in line with their quality requirements. At present, the samples have been sent to foreign customers. After receiving samples from foreign customers and confirming them, they will sign a cooperation agreement with AOQUN. In the future, all the escalator safety skirt brushes will be purchased in AOQUN!

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