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Good Price and Quality Skirt Escalator Brushes -AOQUN Makes for You

April 18,2019.

Ms. Qian of Shandong called us “I am looking for some  escalator skirt brushes with good price and quality, can you supply them? The prices of our previous supplier are quite unstable. The price is increasing every few months, which brought us the cost burden.”

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In no time, we explained to Ms. Qian that our company has a 10-year experience of manufacturing skirt escalator brushes. The quality and price of our escalator are always stable in the market, though our raw materials are not so stable sometimes. According to our customer’s request, our products are customized, so as to reduce other extra procedures cost. Making sure cutting the unnecessary cost from the raw material but with stable quality. We custom a new skirt escalator brushes that suits her need at that day. After seeing that, Ms. Qian placed us a sample order right away.

When Ms. Qian has received the skirt escalator brushes, she happily said to us: “your sample and price are fully matched with my requirement. Now I order 5000 pcs first, then will add 10000 pcs after 2 months. Please help to prepare the material first.”

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