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What Are The Other Uses Of The Brush Strip?

What Are The Other Uses Of The Brush Strip?

April 11,2023.

Brush strip is generally used in industry to block dust and remove dust during factory production, but its functions are not limited to these. The strip brush can also achieve a better effect of eliminating static electricity, so that it will not be disturbed when some related equipment is operating . In fact, every thing has more than one or two uses. When we open our minds, we will find many unexpected functions.

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However, when we use the brush strip, we should pay attention to a lot, that is, the installation of the material connection position, because there will be some gaps in the middle of the two strip brushes when splicing, if these gaps cannot be handled well, there will be many Problems, such as poor sealing performance of the equipment, etc., so we should pay attention to the connection of this part. Usually, we use some glue where the two brush strips are connected, its main function is to reduce the size of the gap, and it is not easy for people to see it.


You should know that the strip brush has many functions. It can not only clean the machine, but also seal the doors and windows. You should know that the strip brush used in industry can also choose brush strip made of different materials, according to the use environment to make a selection.

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