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  • Gutter Brush Company --- AOQUN is Your Best Choice

    Gutter Brush Company --- AOQUN is Your Best Choice


    Aoqun is the gutter brush company and it will customize different gutter brush according to the customer's requirements.   First of all, our gutter brush uses high-quality 304 stainless steel wire, which can resist the corrosion in the sewage pool for a long time.   Secondly, we use diamond-shaped high-quality filament, which will have an efficient, safe and clean filtering performance.   AOQUN gutter brush has no corrosion at all, the product quality is good, and the market feedback was good. Aoqun is really the best choice gutter brush company.

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  • AOQUN Strong Capacity Gutter Brush 75mm

    AOQUN Strong Capacity Gutter Brush 75mm


    After adsorption test, we found out that the filament of original gutter brush 75mm is too large and there’s large space between filaments, resulting in poor adsorption capacity. In response to this situation, AOQUN gutter brush 75mm can be shipped after process inspection, finished product inspection and the delivery inspection. AOQUN filament has uniform density, no filament lost, so it greatly enhances the adsorption capacity of the gutter brush 75mm. The quality of Aoqun gutter brush 75mm is excellent and acknowledged by the new and old customers.

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  • AOQUN Honest Business For Gutter Brush 5m

    AOQUN Honest Business For Gutter Brush 5m


    A customer has a project that involves the use gutter brush 5m. The density of gutter brush 5m was half of the sample he checked. In the process of product introduction, Aoqun clearly informed the customer about the price difference of products for different densities, and Aoqun sent the sample of the gutter brush 5m different density with different price. The customer was very satisfied after receiving the sample. AOQUN is a good-quality gutter brush 5m manufacturer with clear price.

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  • Professional Customize Your Bristle Brush Gutter Guard – AOQUN

    Professional Customize Your Bristle Brush Gutter Guard – AOQUN


    Some bristle brush gutter guards filter effect is not very satisfactory. But it will not occur in AOQUN.   Aoqun bristle brush gutter guards that specially designed for the gutter. The brush's filament material makes brush more strong ability to resist water flow and does better in filtration which meet the international advanced level.   Our customer said the bristle brush gutter guards are very effective and the water quality was improved. 

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  • How to Choose the Gutter Brush 200mm - AOQUN

    How to Choose the Gutter Brush 200mm - AOQUN


    What is the quality of your gutter brush 200mm? How do I choose to use? It is also the question many customers ask.   About the diameter of our gutter brush, the diameter of AOQUN’s gutter brush ranges from 80mm to 220mm, and the commonly used diameters are 80mm, 100mm, 120mm and 150mm. For different purposes of the gutter brush, the choice of diameter is also different. When the gutter brush is used to sewage treatment, 80-160mm is the commonly used diameter range.   Aoqun’s professional knowledge can help customers to solve many difficulties about gutter brush. 

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  • Good Gutter Brush Suppliers - AOQUN

    Good Gutter Brush Suppliers - AOQUN


    There are many gutter brush suppliers, the quality and the unit price of each one is very different. Aoqun company is one of the professional gutter brush suppliers. According to the actual situation of the working site, Aoqun can calculate the quantity and specification of gutter brush needed. Aoqun also recommend a gutter brush filter with high flexibility, good bending recovery and strong elasticity and its filament is cross shape. This brush has strong adsorption capacity, easy to catch debris. The gutter brush that provided by Aoqun has a good filtering effect, and end user is also satisfied. Aoqun is a really good gutter brush supplier.

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