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  • The Reason Why More And More People Choose AOQUN Gutter Guard Brush

    The Reason Why More And More People Choose AOQUN Gutter Guard Brush


    Roof gutters are an important part of Western-style buildings. Most people choose gutter covers to prevent fallen leaves from clogging the gutters. This type of gutter cover can well prevent falling leaves, but it is very difficult for secondary maintenance. Now more and more people will choose gutter guard brush, why? Because many gutter covers are fixed to the gutter, it becomes very difficult to clean the gutter. Disassembling them for cleaning can be cumbersome, difficult, and expensive. As a result, you may have left old screw holes in the sink or roof. In many cases, you must hire people with skills, tools, and even franchise licenses to dismantle and maintain. But the gutter guard brush can be easily installed and disassembled, no special skills and tools are needed, and the gutter and roof will not be damaged. Do you want to have a gutter guard that is easy to clean, disassemble and maintain? Aoqun, a professional gutter guard brush company, can provide you with such a convenient and suitable gutter guard brush.

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  • The Rain Gutter Does Not Work, The Gutter Brush Cleaner Is Missing - AOQUN

    The Rain Gutter Does Not Work, The Gutter Brush Cleaner Is Missing - AOQUN


    We all know that there is a difference between European and American architecture and Chinese architecture. European and American houses mostly use a sloping roof, and a rain gutter is usually installed next to the roof to drain rain water and snow water. The role of the rainwater trough is very important for European and American buildings, but at the same time because of regional issues, most of the European and American regions have a deciduous season, and the fallen leaves can easily block the rainwater trough. At this time, you need to use the gutter brush cleaner.   When water flows through it, the gutter brush cleaner acts like a leaf filter, preventing most leaves and debris from entering the rain gutter. In the natural weather cycle of rain, day, wind, and snow, most leaves will be blown away, and the small debris falling on the top will break down into small particles and be washed through the rain trough. Through such an isolation and filtering effect, the rainwater trough is protected from the clogging and damage of fallen leaves.   Aoqun, a brush manufacturer with 20 years of experience, can provide you with a suitable gutter brush cleaner.

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  • Gutter Brush Packaging Meet Your Needs - AOQUN

    Gutter Brush Packaging Meet Your Needs - AOQUN


    The packaging needs to be unique because the competition for gutter brush in the market is very fierce. In addition to the quality of the product, the packaging of the gutter brush cannot be ignored, and asked if we can provide unique packaging.   Some gutter brush is sold in high-end supermarkets, so packaging must be novel. Aoqun provided packaging design. In addition, Aoqun recommend that a box can be packed with 5 and 10 to meet the purchasing needs of different customers; pictures of gutter brush need to be printed outside the box. So that customers can feel the quality of the product through the pictures.   The customer is very satisfied with the quality of the gutter brus carton design.  

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  • The Installation Procedure of Gutter Cleaning Brush

    The Installation Procedure of Gutter Cleaning Brush

    September 27,2018.

    It is very easy to install the gutter cleaning brush. The installation requires neither tools nor any modification to your roof or gutter. Step One: please clean the leaves/debris/waste water out of your roof gutter, and check the down spouts for obstructions. That will assure your successful installation and avoid the expensive fee for clogged down spouts. Step Two: Please fill your gutters end to end with the gutter cleaning brush, you can bend the gutter cleaning brush to fit around the corner of the gutter. If you find the gutter cleaning brush is too long to install in, you can fold it, but needn’t to cut it. It only requires two steps for installation, is it too simple? Thus, the leaves or large items can not drop into the gutter, small debris will be blown away or decomposed, as a result, the gutter will have smooth drainage. AOQUN can not only design the suitable gutter cleaning brush for your house, but also provide the installation. What are you waiting for? Hurry up to consult us about the gutter cleaning brush!

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  • Magical Effect of Gutter Worm Brush

    Magical Effect of Gutter Worm Brush

    September 27,2018.

    We may be unfamiliar with the gutter worm brush in China, but it is in common use in foreign countries. You can see the gutter worm brush in the below picture. Some people may think it is the same as the ordinary brush when they give a glance to the picture. Yes, you are right, gutter worm brush is one of the twisted brushes. However, gutter worm brush has the specified diameter to suit almost every standard gutter of the roof, it is 3.25 inches in minimize, 4.25 inches, 5.25 inches, 6.5 inches and 8 inches in maximize. You can customized the length of the v according to your roof gutter.The installtion is so easy, you can just follow several steps, we will talk later in the other article. The roof gutter is clogged by leaves. The roof gutter is clogged by waste water The Magical Effect of The Gutter Worm Brush: 1. Keeps gutters flowing to prevent clogged gutters and water damage 2. Helps prevent icicles and ice dams, protec our personal safety 3. Reduces or eliminates dangerous, messy, expensive gutter cleaning AOQUN can customize all kinds of gutter worm brushes and provide the installtion guideline for you. AOQUN is the confidence assurance for your purchasing brushes with us.

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