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Glassware Decanter Brush Beer Wine Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Glassware Decanter Brush Beer Wine Bottle Cleaning Brush

AOQUN Wine Bottle Brush is designed to optimize the cleaning not only decanters but bottles and vases too.
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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    Wine Bottle Brush
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    Black Bronzed Brown Champagne Coffee Golden Yellow
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Glassware Decanter Brush 
Beer Bottle / Red Wine Bottle Cleaning Brush

The European Customers LATALER Has Cooperated with AOQUN for More Than 6 Years.

Ⅰ. Wine Decanter Brushes

Fine glassware often lose clarity and beauty without proper cleaning. AOQUN Wine Bottle Brushes can solve this problem with use nylon bristle to gently clean your wine glassware, keep them always transparent, bright and crystal-clear.  

Red Wine Bottle Cleaning Brush

Ⅱ. Product Description

AOQUN Wine Decanter Brush is designed to optimize the cleaning of the neck, the walls and the bottom of not only decanters but bottles and vases too. The shape of the brush is matched the shape of a standard decanter.
  1. Easy to use and very durable
  2. Can reach any point in the decanter
  3. Perfectly fit the shape of different kinds of wine decanter.
  4. It is flexible and help to clean both wine glasses and wine decanters.
  5. Good wash effect, keep the wine decanter always transparent, bright and crystal-clear. 
Wine Bottle Brushes
Wine Bottle Brush

Ⅲ. Wine Bottle Brushes

Wear-resisting Wine Bottle Brush nylon bristles are designed to clean the inside walls of wine bottles. It is long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle.

  1. Fits into narrow necked bottles, flexible enough to reaches the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Custom size, suitable for all kinds of beer bottles, red wine bottles.
  3. Can thoroughly cleans the base and inside walls of the wine bottles.

Long Style Wine Bottle BrushesWine Bottle Brushes detail

Ⅳ. Brush Specification

Wine Bottle Brush

Wine Bottle Brush

Bottle brush head can be processed into a fan shape, circle shape, plastic end and so on.

Wine Bottle Brushes plastic head

Bottle brush bottom can be made into: cut off, hoop, plastic handle.

The stem can be made of two steel wire or 4 steel wire, etc.

Wine Bottle Brushes handle

Ⅴ. Product Manufacture

Wine Bottle Brush

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