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F Type Nylon Dock Leveler Seal Brush

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F Type Nylon Dock Leveler Seal Brush

AOQUN Dock Leveler Seal can be mounted on various kinds of dock levelers.
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Door Sweeping Weather Seal
F Type Nylon Dock Leveler Brush

AOQUN Nylon Brush Dock Leveler Seals and weatherstripping provide an extremely effective way of preventing heat loss and providing non-chemical pest control and dust control around dock levelers.

Nylon Brush Dock Leveler Seals

Full Range of AOQUN Brush Filament

Material:PA, PP, Animal Hair
Shape:Straight Filament, Crimped Filament
Functions:Wear resistant, Dust-proof, Flame-retardant, Anti-static


Ⅰ. Product Description

AOQUN Door Bottom Automatic Seal is a combination of strip brush and aluminum profile.

Door Bottom Automatic Seal

1. Aluminum Profile
Anodizing surface treatment, various colors for oxidation or paint treatment

2. PA6/PA66

Good elasticity, wear resistance, temperature resistance, the thermal denaturation temperature is 185~190°C, which can be added UL94 V0 flame retardant material

3. Smooth, Neat, Clean

The brush filament is glossy with uniform thickness. It is neat without crooked and oblique filament, without oil, dust, rust in the surface.

4. Grind the sharp edge, no slip away

Grind each sharp edge of the brush base to avoid injury, the door bottom automatic seal will not slip away for its own weight after installation

AOQUN Door Seal Brush is a combination of strip brush and aluminum profile.

Ⅱ. Brush Specifications

Dock Leveler Seal

More Than 40 model of aluminum profile for your choice,Can be customized by your drawings.

Dock Leveler Seal Brush data

Ⅲ. Focus on quality

For the products of each batch production,the size,tension,hand feeling and exterior must be strictly tested and controlled.

Nylon Dock Leveler Seal Brushes

Dock Leveler SealAoqun Brush partners

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