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Dust Shroud Kit Dry Grinding Dust Cover Brush

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Dust Shroud Kit Dry Grinding Dust Cover Brush

AOQUN Dust Cover

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    Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
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    Spiral Brush
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    Black Bronzed Brown Champagne Coffee Golden Yellow
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    7 days after payment received
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Dust Shroud Kit Dry Grinding 

Dust Cover for 4"/ 5" Angle Grinder Hand Grinder

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Description-AOQUN Dust Cover

Dust Cover

Dust Cover

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Specifications and size

Dust Cover

 Product Name

Abrasive Nylon Formed Cup Brush Manufacturer

 Product No. Spiral Brush
 Material PA,PP,PE,PET,PBT,Animal hair
 Outer roller brush Mini ID Φ 5
 Side roller brush Mini ID Φ 6
 Inner roller brush Mini OD Φ 20
 Certificate SGS, ISO9001, ROHS, CNAS, IAF, ISO, SVHC, UL94
 Application Polishing,Cleaning
 MOQ 500 meters



To work dust free, AOQUN dust cover brush is suitable for any dust cover of the conventional angle grinder due to the mounting. The soft brushes are engineered to prevent dust from escaping, and help move the tool more easily over the surface.

  1. Dust collection - reduces clean-up time and provides cleaner, safer air for user
  2. Removable brush piece - quickly removes for dust shrouds
  3. Replaceable brush ring - low cost maintenance vs. competition
  4. Completely tool free – compatible with various series angle grinder dust covers
  5. Plug and play without using adapters

Dust Cover

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