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Why Brush in Escalator? – AOQUN

May 21,2019.

Mr. Wang is the boss of a newly opened supermarket. When the escalator was installed, he was told by the property manager to buy a brush on the escalator. Mr. Wang will be suspicious of finding us: Why do escalators have brushes on their sides? Is this little brush not a decoration?

After knowing the situation, our manager Miss Gui contacted Mr. Wang: Many customers would ask why brush in escalator. According to the national standard GB16899-2011, all escalators must be mounted with a safety brush in order to be used generally. The safety brush serves as warning, and it can also be dustproof, which can greatly reduce the elevator safety accident. In addition, we are specialized in producing escalator brushes for more than 10 years, and obtained ISO9001-2015 certified quality management system certification, which can be customized according to customer requirements. Mr. Wang asked us to send samples to their maintenance staff to test.

 Escalator side brush

The next day I received a call from Wang: I didn’t know why do escalators have brushes on their sides before. Now we know that the products of AOQUN not only are good quality, but also have the patent. Tension and resilience are great, which are the best escalator side brush we need, and they hope to cooperate with the AOQUN!

Why Brush in Escalator

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