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Smoothly Assembled Escalator Brushes - AOQUN

June 5,2019.

A customer from Singapore, Rose, called, “I have been looking for a good quality escalator brushes that needs to be able to fit into the elevator aluminum profile. I have used other escalator brushes before, and it is not possible to assemble them smoothly. It is too thick, and the brush specifications are too large. Some aluminum profiles can't be assembled smoothly. Some escalator brushes are stuck when they are put in, and every time we are complained by the assembly staff, we need to increase the installation cost.”


When we communicated with Rose, we told her that such an unsuccessful assembly of aluminum profiles was due to the accuracy of tolerance control. The production tolerances of our AOQUN are very precise, and we are testing when producing escalator brushes with aluminum strips. We all have strict quality control, when assembling the brush, it is easy to install directly by hand, and the brush will not fall out by its own weight. Confirmed with 20 meters of the escalator brushes (5 pieces, 2 meters / piece in the curved section and the straight section) to confirm the sample and send the sample within 3 days.


On the 7th day, Rose confirmed our sample and praised our brush to be very precise. Whether it is the thickness of the filament or the size of the base, it is produced strictly according to the tolerance. It can be easily mounted into the aluminum profile, greatly saving time. After the sample was confirmed 10 days later, Rose called and said: "I want to place an order, this time is an order for 20 escalators. Because our customers are very satisfied with your AOQUN. After the 20 escalators are assembled, there is also a new project with 15 escalators being negotiated. It will still use your escalator brushes. The project is getting more and more, thank you."

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