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Truck Mudguards Spray Suppressant Skirt Brushes

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Truck Mudguards Spray Suppressant Skirt Brushes

Spray Suppressant Brush is an anti-splash device, which allows air to pass through, absorbs water spray, collects water and redirects it to the ground, suppresses the formation of water mist, and reduces spray.
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    Spray Suppressant Br
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    Black Bronzed Brown Champagne Coffee Golden Yellow
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Heavy Vehicle Truck Mudguards Spray Suppressant Skirt Brushes

Anti-rust Stainless Steel Brush Base

Comply with ROHS, SVHC, SGS, UL94

Brushes are thick and wear-resistant PP/PA

Acquired ISO 9001 quality system certification

Spray Suppressant Brushes

Ⅰ. Product Description - Quality Assured Material

Spray Suppressant Brushes Material

Ⅱ. Brush SpecificationsVarious Specifications  Easy Installation

Customized brush for heavy vehicle spray suppressant brushes

Provide a variety of straight, semi-arc and other more flexible sizes and shapes to fit most vehicles

Spray Suppressant Brushes drawing

Ⅲ. Products Functions

Keep Safe Keep Clean: Effectively reduce the splash of water when the wheel is running at high speed. Maintain the cleanliness of the truck body, license plates, and rear view mirrors to increase the safety factor

Works Effectively to Minimize Spray: Works effectively to minimize road water spray, dirt, grime and chemicals Redirects spray downwards, away from truck mirrors and other traffic

Comply with Quality Standard: Comply with GB 34659-2017 car and trailer anti-splash System requirements

Truck Spray Suppressant Brushes

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